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In a World of Patterns, It Always Comes Back to YOU

Recognize your patterns, discover your truth

Cyclical, seasonal, habitual, behavioral. Learned or developed. In plain sight or hidden. We all have 'em. These repetitive occurrences that can be expected and welcomed or unseen and blindsiding. The more we are able to anticipate what may be coming our way, the better we can deal.

We're creatures of habit. We become so familiar with our surroundings that we can run on auto pilot at times.

Have you ever stopped to recognize all the things you do each day without much thought? From the small daily grooming habits and the structure of the work week, to food choices and exercise routines. To TV programming and waiting for the weekend. To seasonal chores and holiday traditions.

To the voice in your head that says, "I'm gonna change that one day"... on repeat.

These habitual patterns, they're everywhere. Even Mother Nature speaks the language. It's ingrained in the human condition. These developed patterns can be as comfy as a favorite pair of sweatpants- until one day you realize, "To hell with these sweatpants, I should've gone with that strappy black dress!"

When the truth of who you are isn't revealed in your comfort zone, it's time to break your patterns.

Awareness helps to identify. Willingness eases the change. Desire motivates the action necessary to follow through.

If you've noticed, the world around us is changing. Important foundational structures are, in some ways, crumbling. The modern world is blowing through the old, outdated systems we have in place and is asking for an overhaul.

And we, the people, are like, "Uhhhhhh, you talking to me, World?"

And the World says, "YES."

Mother Earth is changing her patterns. Mother Nature is also adjusting her cycles. Our structures are changing. Our foundations are shifting, leaving some to collapse. These global factors of change can be chaotic and kind of unrelenting.

Especially if you're the sensitive type that feels things outside of your own sphere.

With all that is rising to the surface from a more modern world, do you feel the reverberation coming into your own life? Are you being asked to shift or change things up? Do you notice any habits, behaviors, relationships or traditions that no longer serve you like they used to?

Can you recognize any patterns that need to be broken, once and for all, so you can be more true to you?

Hint: A true you starts from the inside. Adjust your internal landscape by way of releasing your fascia and begin to change some deep-seeded patterns. 

In the quiet whispers of your mind there may be hints of what patterns need to be brought to awareness, changed or permanently broken. Be sure to listen.

As summer nears, Group Therapy classes are winding down. We have one class left this Wednesday, June 12 at 5:30. 

*This class is currently full, but you can add your name to the waitlist*

Use this link or text: 207-232-1737

Group Therapy classes came to be in 2016. As we wrap up for the summer, we now have 3 years on the books. Sooo much growth, learning and evolution. To those of you who actively participate in this special component of StillPoint MFR, I honor you. And am blessed to have gone through this evolution in GREAT company! Thank you. 

Details for fall classes will be announced later in the summer. 

Regular one- on- one sessions continue. 

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Hope to see you in the Yurt, (or on the beach or in the water somewhere 🙂

Renie Allen

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