2022 ~ Onward!

Is today really any different than yesterday?

Yep! Because this world is moving FAST. Things are changing on a dime. And nothing is a guarantee.

Although a new calendar doesn’t clean up yesterday’s mess, New Year’s Day is worthy of some consideration.

Take a moment to check in… with your being. Notice where you are in these first hours of 2022.

Before you declare a resolution in hopes of resolving an outdated habit or set an intention for something you’d like to manifest or bring in, take an honest assessment of where you are now.

Like, right now. In this moment.

What do you notice? Is it quiet? Are you in familiar surroundings? Coffee or tea? Need some water? How is your body? Are you tired? Maybe exhausted. Did you make it till midnight? A little hungover? Are you weary? Maybe you’re numb to it all. Are you hopeful in this new year? Do you feel at ease? Are you on an adventure? Surrounded by loved ones? Perhaps you’re alone. Are you in the midst of transition? Maybe recently settled? Are you crippled by loss? Is your world playing hardball? Are you ready for peace? For a breakthrough? To turn the corner?

Is that scratchy throat covid?

When you close your eyes and take a deep breath, where is your attention drawn? Does someplace in your body speak to you? Or is it an external energy that you notice?

Focus there… for a little longer than you’d prefer. Place your hands on the area. Or if your attention is pulled somewhere off your body, extend your hands up or out in the direction that beckons you.

That sensation that grabs you, the energy that whispers, your mind that spins before it drifts… Don’t question it, simply lean into it. Give it a few moments of your attention. Feel its vibration or density. Hear its message, or sit with its void.

Recognize that whatever has grabbed your attention has joined you in this new year. It is yours to tend to, resolve, make peace with, learn from, heal, grow with, grasp, let go of, or transform. Consciously.

We don’t know what’s to come. But we can move forward with self-awareness, compassion towards all that is jacked, and recognition that we are collectively worn thin.

That all begins from within.

May 2022 offer you a willingness to tend to the innermost parts of being. We got this.