21 Fascial Truths

What I know to be true about fascia (because I've felt it in my bones):

  1. It's all connected is a gross understatement.
  2. The body remembers... everything.
  3. The body, by way of the fascial system, is in direct communication with the Higher Self (you can call that energetic woo... or a lifeline).
  4. Releasing fascial restrictions can most certainly eliminate/transform pain.
  5. Pain is a result of fascial restrictions. But the power of the fascial system doesn't stop when the pain does.
  6. The embodiment of fascial knowledge has a learning curve... patience matters, practice is key.
  7. Life is complex, relying on the body's wisdom is sanity.
  8. Our inner world and external world are in a dance. One leads while the other adjusts to its ever-changing environment 💃🏻🕺🏽
  9. Fascial health is a must in this modern world.
  10. The fascial system looooooooves sustained pressure and a meditative mind (simultaneously, of course).
  11. Healing, self-discovery, and soul-growth are similar and deeply interwoven processes under different names.
  12. The true essence of who you are is contained in the fascial web.
  13. Finding your voice is a by-product of releasing pain and releasing fascia.
  14. The pelvis is instrumental to alignment- physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  15. Habits and patterns are meant to be recognized and shifted in order to evolve (singularly and fractally).
  16. Myofascial self-care is a learnable skill worthy of your time.
  17. Easing fascial tension in the body is THE BEST attitude adjustment (spend 10 minutes releasing your psoas and you'll be a believer!)
  18. A fascial practice is best developed BEFORE crisis mode hits.
  19. Intuition is enhanced with an open fascial system.
  20. Fascial health isn't just about feeling good in your body, it's about being good at feeling.
  21. Being able to release fascial restrictions is a SUPERPOWER.

Navigating this modern world with any desire to be true to yourself, live consciously, expand your awareness, or heal your wounds... connecting with your body by way of the fascial system is a vibrational boost from the highest source.

If you are wondering, what is this fascial truth I speak of? And if you want your own Fascial Superpowers, just say the word, I'd be thrilled to be your guide!

StillPointMFR.com has recently had a little summertime spruce up. Check it out for all kinds of fascial resources.

Or if you want a no-brainer place to begin, check out this YouTube video for those New To Fascia to hook up that fascial lifeline!

May your flip-flop feet and sun-kissed skin be lifting your spirits during this height of summer!

PS- If you have your own list of fascial truths, PLEASE hit reply and share! (how fun 🙂 )