Praying Mantis StillPoint MFR

A Gentle Reminder

Several years back, there was an unusual abundance of Praying Mantis in my yard. They came at a time when StillPoint was undergoing a big move and major transition. I had spotted so many, I quickly became familiar with the ‘messages’ that accompany this wondrous creature.

Ironically enough, the praying mantis is the ultimate symbol of stillness and patience. I had come to think of this unique looking teacher of all things ‘patience’ as a mascot for StillPoint Myofascial Release.

Patience is the key. It is the alchemist in the practice of Myofascial Release. The engaged patience that is necessary to allow time to transmute a situation is essential. It is in that patience and in that time that the magic happens.

Yesterday, my mascot returned. In her still and gentle fashion. In the perfect time with the most necessary of messages.

In the not so distant past, my personal life took a little turn. I’m sure you are familiar with being re-routed on your path; it was one of those. The sharp corner that leaves our day to day life a bit different than what we had been used to. The turn that leave us feeling disoriented, with the awareness that we can’t turn back yet are still a bit unsure of how to move forward.

In that uncertainty of how to move forward, I get squirmy. Truth. It’s uncomfortable. That sort of limbo feeling. (cue Tom Petty…. now I’m freeeeee, free fallin’).

Thank you, Praying Mantis, for the gentle reminder to settle into to the stillness. Be patient in establishing your ‘new normal’. Get comfortable in the discomfort of change and transition. And more importantly, stay balanced and aware through the duration of the wait.

This Green Goddess of Patience and Stillness expresses herself so eloquently! My translation of ChillTF Out!, is far beneath her expression. She is way to Zen for that. But I hear her message loud and clear!

In the practice and application of Myofascial Release, these basic principles are always present. We find the places in our body that are asking for our attention. We then offer these restrictions sustained pressure…. and we wait. With awareness of sensation and subtlety. Getting comfortable in the discomfort. Knowing and trusting a shift will come. With time; to ease what ails us.

On Tuesday Evenings at 5:30 we do this in a group. With foam rollers and balls. With yourself in charge to decipher your body’s language.

Group Therapy is a way to enhance your self-care skills from a pure Myofascial perspective. It is a chance to learn techniques to find and release your own fascial restrictions. All the while relieving internal tension and pressure, reducing pain and gaining awareness. Your body will thank you!

Weekly on Tuesday Evenings at 5:30
75 min/ $18

Once monthly on the First Saturday of the Month at 10 am
Next class is Saturday, November 3
90 min/ $20

Registration is easy and required! Sign up below or text me and let me know you are interested. 207-232-1737

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Hope to see you in the Yurt!

When in doubt,
Practice Patience…