A pack of dogs, a knee injury, and a video

About 7 years ago I was doing what I do most every day. Taking my two dogs for a walk at the park right up the road.

This particular day was different though. It was the first day there were no more scheduled contractors to work on the yurt project that was soon to be my new therapy space. (Side note: watch this 2015 video to see the yurt go up!)

It was a slow and reflective walk through the woods. I remember this autumn day so well. I was literally watching newly changed leaves fall to the ground and outwardly expressing gratitude to the powers-that-be for this next leg on my Myofascial Release journey.

As I was headed back to the car I saw a pack of women and their dogs up ahead. I leashed my one semi-unruly pup for a moment but soon let him free to greet the other dogs. (A decision that could’ve changed this entire story, but there is no going back…)

Picture a total dog party. At least a half dozen dogs were converging on the trail. I was keeping a steady pace so we could pass through the pack quickly.

But before I could get out of the way, a big, beautiful, and fast-moving Rhodesian Ridgeback ran full speed into the side of my leg. Clipped me right in the knee. Picked me off like a bowling pin.

This may have been the only time I’ve truly had an out-of-body experience. In slow motion, I watched myself get launched into the air, felt a shock of electricity bolt through my body, was immediately covered in sweat, and heard myself let out a guttural scream like never before.

I was writhing on the ground surrounded by tongues and tails. And I knew it was bad as I heard something pop after I landed on the ground.

Darn it.

My immediate plans to get to work on the very first day in my new space were officially on hold. The completion of this dream-come-true, pimped-out-tent, yurt-office is forever tethered to a knee injury. Trajectory changed! Whomp, whomp.

All of that to say, I’ve got firsthand experience with the twist and pull that can wreak havoc on the knees. And some effective ways to soothe the ache. 7 years later, my knee is still one of those areas in the body that *insists* on self-care.

While there are certainly a lot of rehab and strengthening exercises for injured, recovering, or hurting knees, the video below is not that.

This video is simply a way to take the load off tired, overworked, aching knees that just need to decompress.

It’s an easy one, like, SUPER easy! If you’ve got a knee thing, give this a try!

Click the image below to watch.

The more you can keep pain, angst, or emotion moving through your body, the more you are able to limit the perpetual feedback loop that can rattle or stunt your progress.

In other words, tend to your fascia as if your soul depends on it.