A Yurt, A Birthday, and Stick-to-itivness

Have you ever manifested any of your big dreams into reality?

Where you can look back to the days of pre-dream-turned-reality and remember the determination, consideration of logistics, sifting through the data you’ve collected, wishing, praying, looking for signs, and sush’ing doubt as you push on any door that can presumably get you closer to living your dream?

I’m pretty sure a fair amount of my gray hair has accumulated during times of intense manifestation. Something about the grit it takes to emerge into a new phase of life also takes a bit of a toll.

Side note: A little throwback story. I was school-aged, probably middle school-ish. We had been given an assignment where we had to have someone write positive qualities about us. My mom wrote, stick-to-itivness.

Stick-to-itivness? WhatTH does that mean?

So she explained I had an ability to see things through. Get it done. Not quit.


6 years ago, this week, StillPointMFR opened the doors to the Yurt we still consider home. So. Much. Stick-to-itivness.

I documented this dream-turned-reality from the very early stages. The picture below is my footprints in the snow, tracing out where I hoped the MFR Yurt would one day sit.

Current reality doesn’t line up with the original dream I had for StillPointMFR inside of this magically crafted space. With the flip of a 2020 switch, the trajectory of StillPoint has been altered.

Parts of this transformative alteration I mourn deeply. And so many parts I celebrate. (Jeez, and that breakdown is a post all its own!)

Whether you’ve been to the Yurt (and equally mourn the loss of what used to be) or you’re newly introduced to StillPoint through online offerings or in-person classes, I want to acknowledge your efforts.

Healing your body, self-discovery, personal transformation, soul growth… whatever lens you are looking through that brought you to exploring your fascia, isn’t always easy.

It takes some stick-to-itivness. And I admire that.

Keep on keeping on as priorities continue to rearrange. Bring yourSELF further up that list any chance you get!

I’m glad you’re here,