All Things Myofascial Self-Care

Personally, I cannot wait to hear the music that is being written by musicians across the world during this intense time. This prolonged period of super charged chaos that just doesn't want to quit is some ignitable fuel for the creative soul. Imagine live concerts full of new music that captures the depth of what we are experiencing... is it too early to get in line for tickets?

There's nothing like a song that directly speaks to your situation and meets your emotional status with perfect resonance. A finely queued song can meet the moment like a lyrical, rhythmic hug of support. Undoubtably there is some heartbreakingly beautiful, raw and intense music just waiting to be released to help soothe our collective ache.

As 2020 bleeds into 2021, I can't help but draw some parallels between acute and chronic distress. In an acute situation, the crisis hits fast and hard. The speed and unexpected nature of an acute trauma is part of the trauma itself. When something is chronic, the build is slow and steady; it can really take hold and grow roots. It's the slow build of roots taking hold that leads to prolonged dysfunction.

Now we are finding ourselves in this collective acute situation that is definitely inching into chronic territory. It's all getting pretty freakin' messy.

There is clearly no going back, but where in the world are we headed?

Often times, my biggest chance for comfort (and I mean a true and steady, internal comfort) is from time spent on the mat, releasing the fascia with some chill music.

These times we are in are UNCERTAIN! Like, legit, uncertain. And if nothing else, keeping the physical stress at bay, in order to move through these uncertain times adds a few bucks in the sanity bank.

The nagging and pulling from tension in the body just turns up the volume on all of the chaos.

I am personally inviting you to turn down the noise.

Presenting, All Things Myofascial Self-Care.

Beginning January 25, 2021, we begin a 6-week journey together, if you so choose. If you need accountability to create and stick with a regular self-care routine; if you need a foundation in learning Myofascial self-care techniques; if you want to thrive in how you care for your body; if your body desperately needs to heal; if you are on a quest to take you or your MFR patients deeper- this online course is for you.

There is loads of info to share with you as it relates to what is inside the course. For the details, click below!


When it comes to your health and well-being, the time for greater self-reliance has arrived. So we can attempt to heal the hurts of this world by healing ourselves first.

I hope to see you inside All Things Myofascial Self-Care. You are worth the investment.