Assimilating Change

First things first. Do you ever still marvel at the fact that these little hand-held computers that we call phones can capture such images? The unfiltered, vibrant colors on display in the morning sky- just one swipe and a click is all it takes to keep Mother Nature's firey sunrise in my pocket. At this point, I mostly take the convenience, quality and speed for granted, but the technological advances we've seen in this past decade alone are really quite impressive.

Our ever-changing World seems to have ramped things up. I think it's the magnitude of our current events that leaves me to believe these are some history-defining, pivotal times to live through and witness. 

The Universe is pulling up to the drive-thru. And super-sizing EVERYTHING it orders.

The vibe is grandiose. The circumstance is large-scale. The developments are happening globally. The stakes are high. The environment is screaming. The oppression is blatant. The political divide is polarizing. The wildlife is crying. Even the planetary alignment is uncanny, (astrologically speaking). The change we are witnessing is monumental. And the consequences will be real.

It's like The-World-As-We-Know-It has some eye-catching, crisis du jour to offer everyone. Finding a way to make an impact on as many people as possible. Imposing on us in such a way that begs us to wake up and pay attention. Even, if for no other reason, then humanity is at a turning point. 

As the greater world shakes and rattles, the reverberation, of course, is felt in communities, families and individually.

What is the greatest shift or change that has captured your attention lately?

Is it in your own world? The world around you? Or the greater world events?

Do you feel these changes in your physical, emotional or energetic body?

How do you assimilate change?

Me personally, my attention has been inward, the ol' body has been communicative and I've been sleeping really deep and dreaming like mad. On the outside it seems like my everyday life is rather chill. However, on the inside I feel massive swirls of reorganization. Requiring early nights, rations of news and global events, and a sweet focus on my household happenings. Allowing certain things to run on autopilot while my energetic bandwidth can't get to it all. 

In these times of collective, global reorganization and realignment, be kind to yourself and those around you. Take care of what you can. The noise can be loud, so trust your inner voice. Sometimes those whispers are what you hear most clearly.

Come listen...

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