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Explore 6 BASIC techniques for fascial health:

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When your body aches, deal with it.

AND THAT DOESN’T MEAN JUST ACCEPT IT. It means learn to give your body what it needs when you are in pain, tense or tight. Or when you need to soothe your mood. Feeling better in your body is an attitude adjustment for your stress, tension, and emotions.

If you don’t know what fascia is…

You better believe your body does! When your body is tight, tense, in pain, experiencing symptoms, or you’re feeling mental angst or are emotionally spent- you are feeling restrictions in your fascial system. 

The good news is- YOU can do something about it!

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Introducing Myofascial Self-Care

Myo, what?

Fascia. Simply stated, your connective tissue could be causing you pain, stiffness, tension, symptoms, mental angst, trouble sleeping, excess fatigue, and more.

If you ever feel like your body is…

  • Overtaxed or physically burdened by too much pressure
  • Overstimulated or highly sensitive
  • Numb and withdrawn
  • In physical or emotional pain
  • Dealing with the same pain all the time
  • NOT recovering 
  • Experiencing nervous system overload

Your fascial system may hold the key to finding relief!

Why It Matters:

Pain, tension, sensitivity… think of those symptoms as a lock inside your body. A lock keeping you prisoner in your own skin. Shrink-wrapped from the inside. Physically tied up, and internally bound down. 

Fascia, in its restricted state, causes symptoms. Which can lead you to feel off-kilter or on high alert. Over-stimulated yet under-motivated. 

But when you are able to release these restrictions, fascia then becomes the key to inner freedom, less pain, more movement, a calmer mind, breathing easier, increased energy, and being in balance and in control of how you feel in your body.

Fascia Literate

It’s not complicated. 

You just need a few tools, a little bit of time…

And some guidance. 

Because if you knew how to unlock your body from pain and tension, you would. Releasing fascial restrictions isn’t rocket science but it requires knowing what to feel for. 

Hi, I'm Renie - 

I've been touching aching bodies for over 20 years. That’s a lot of pain to ease!

Teaching people about their own fascia and how to find, feel, and release fascial restrictions is my job. The truth is, you don’t need always need skilled hands to maintain a healthy fascial system. But you will certainly benefit from some guidance on your way to becoming fascia literate.

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What you get in the BASICS course:

  • 6 Video Technique Tutorials: Each video offers a thorough explanation and demonstration of the technique.
  • Basic Full Body Techniques: We cover all of the main points! Hips, Glutes, Back, Neck, Shoulders - and the almighty Psoas. (If you don't know your Psoas, you will soon enough!)
  • Learn Techniques Using Balls and Foam Roller: Explore the tools and feel the difference between the foam roller and balls. Learning variation will help build your confidence.
  • Guided Instruction: Expert-level Myofascial Release Therapist will lead you into your Myofascial self-care experience.

Why it matters:

  • Fascial Focused Foundation: It is the FASCIAL SYSTEM that is the key to reducing pain, easing tension, soothing a weary mind, and breaking though spiritual stagnation. We are learning to engage the fascial system, which is far beyond simply learning techniques.
  • More Than Technique: The techniques are the vehicle into your fascial system. This mini course teaches you how to drive the car.
  • Develop A Rapport With Your Body: A Myofascial self-care practice is less about how to and more about listening to how your body responds.
  • Build Confidence with Ease: Confidence in the techniques comes from being able to feel the effects in your body. Learning the techniques in combination with deceiphering what your body is saying leads to lasting results!

What's been said:

Renie, I appreciate you so much! You are helping me learn the techniques by giving voice to the sensations so masterfully. Thank you!!!

Sue K.

Renie is one of the best MFR therapists I know! After years of hands-on treatment, I was skeptical of online instruction. But her guidance and insight has continued to help me immensely even online. Renie's experience and approach to Myofascial self-care has helped me stay healthy and active.

Clancy C.

I’m feeling so good! I feel like I can breathe deeper already.

Great instruction. Thanks! 

Steven N.

Oh, that felt so good! Your descriptive explanation and repeating it helps to “sink in” physically and mentally which is so important. I have fear self-treating on my own. Just your presence helped. So awesome ! Thank you Renie!

Sara C.

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