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Starting Something New

By Renie Allen | Sep 6, 2022

With an almost 18-year-old daughter beginning her Senior year, and two 13-year-old dogs at home, new isn’t always top of mind. In fact, it feels like I am witnessing the final chapter of a book play out in my day-to-day life. Life stages are so wild to reflect on especially when you experience those full circle moments… between generations. Nostalgia at its finest. It’s been the 4 of us- Autumn, Isis, Buckie, and myself- for the last 10+years. We’re a total unit. And knowing we are on the final leg of this phase of homelife, the simultaneousness of what was, what is, and what will be is all a part of being Present. It’s an irony that doesn’t escape me. And yeah, life has a funny way of sneaking up on youAnd life has a funny, funny way of helping you outHelping you out Ironic by: Alanis Morissette My work-at-home life was designed around being […]

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21 Fascial Truths

By Renie Allen | Aug 3, 2022

What I know to be true about fascia (because I’ve felt it in my bones): It’s all connected is a gross understatement. The body remembers… everything. The body, by way of the fascial system, is in direct communication with the Higher Self (you can call that energetic woo… or a lifeline). Releasing fascial restrictions can most certainly eliminate/transform pain. Pain is a result of fascial restrictions. But the power of the fascial system doesn’t stop when the pain does. The embodiment of fascial knowledge has a learning curve… patience matters, practice is key. Life is complex, relying on the body’s wisdom is sanity. Our inner world and external world are in a dance. One leads while the other adjusts to its ever-changing environment 💃🏻🕺🏽 Fascial health is a must in this modern world. The fascial system looooooooves sustained pressure and a meditative mind (simultaneously, of course). Healing, self-discovery, and soul-growth are similar […]

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Teenage Fascia

By Renie Allen | Jun 30, 2022

I’ve recruited my 17 yo daughter and her friend to help me with some new video projects. They are students of a New Media program at school where they spend half the day up to their elbows in technology – video, audio, photography, editing, etc. Besides the simple fact that I’m Mom and my daughter, Autumn, is 17, this newly developed trio seems to be off to a decent start. Autumn is well versed in fascia. (TMI side note: she was very newly conceived when I attended my first Myofascial Release seminar back in 2004. So she’s been feeling the effects of fascia since the womb.) Not to mention she has seen the evolution of my fascia-based business her entire life. But her friend has no fascia idea. Fair enough. Most adults are like, what the… fascia? Here we are, day 1 in the Yurt. Cameras, mics, and teenagers. I try not to be too in […]

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Weeds and Fascia

By Renie Allen | Jun 1, 2022

As we just crossed the unofficial kickoff of summer, the collective mood feels a little less than celebratory. Current events are impossibly heavy and the fatigue from the prolonged bombardment of collective chaos is legit. Even with that as the societal backdrop, individually you may be feeling fine. Great, even. On the upswing. In the flow. Or simply holding steady. Up north, here in Maine, Memorial Day weekend grants the go-ahead to plant the garden without fear of frost. (Finally!) Planting the garden is an earthy, hands-dirty, wholesome, productive, and satisfying pursuit I am 100% down for! Most of the time. But although I’ve gotten the seasonal nod from the calendar to plant, my gardens are a MESS! And it is completely overwhelming. This year’s weeds and overgrowth are a consequence of an eye injury I sustained last year. (Stay with me… this will be relevant to you, and your […]

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Rule Breaker

By Renie Allen | Apr 24, 2022

I got reprimanded this week for breaking the rules. At 49 and a half years old, as a solo mom (to both a human and 2 doggos), a solopreneur, and a solo homeowner, I’m not used to getting in trouble for breaking the rules. Basically, the rules in my immediate environment are mine. I set them. And if I need to break them, it’s cool, I usually let myself slide. But this week, I broke someone else’s rules and received consequence. (Please know I am rolling my eyes so hard they may stick up into my head). I didn’t intentionally break any rules. I honestly thought I was within the safe zone. But the disciplinary consequences prove otherwise. Ah, well. We all come from our own programming when it comes to rules, authority, and being reprimanded. Having gone to Catholic school for years, believe me when I say I have a strong opinion on the matter as […]

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New Masterclass! Fascia and Your Body’s Language

By Renie Allen | Apr 16, 2022

Has your head been racing? I mean, seriously flying? If you’re saying yes, you’re not alone. Seems like plenty of people agree that time is moving fast and it’s hard to wrap your head around this perceived acceleration. It’s as if our re-emergence into society after these last couple of years is giving our mental bandwidth a workout. And that mental bandwidth workout is like going to the gym for the first time in 2 years, full on! We’re bound to feel it. You know when your headspace gets a little off-kilter, and it reverberates through your body? You don’t have to look far to see this is a theme right now. There is a collective mental overload that is leading to unusual behavior. We’re on edge. (Cue Will Smith, for example). The brain is spent. Nerves are fried. The thinker has over-thunk. We’ve had to change course on a dime, navigate the unexpected, […]

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By Renie Allen | Mar 15, 2022

** disclaimer **I have spent several days+ tweaking this post, where I normally write these newsletters in one sitting. This writing feels a tad heavy, but I guess that’s fitting, all things considered.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Having the inside scoop into people’s healing process is an honor and an eye-opener. It’s basically impossible to not observe patterns and similarities within each person. But it gets simply fascinating to observe kindred healing qualities amongst many. There is a level of vulnerability needed to be seen and witnessed in the exchange between therapist and client. To allow yourself to explore the places Myofascial Release can take you requires a willingness to feel some of the darker places in both the body and the subconscious mind. Buried memories, extraordinarily uncomfortable thoughts, and suffocated belief systems are a few ways in which the fascial system holds on to our emotional, mental, and physical wounds. A few weeks ago, as the snow […]

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Old Dog, New Tricks

By Renie Allen | Feb 17, 2022

If 2020 would’ve told me how it was going to take my intentionally built, reliable, 1:1 Myofascial Release practice, turn it on its head and morph it into something familiar but basically unrecognizable, I don’t think I would’ve signed up for it. Connection, touch, deep trust, and vulnerable intimacy in the name of healing… what an honor for that to be my life’s work! It was part of my identity. It was sacred magic. (Cue the fast forward button. And as you watch all of the scenes go flying by on the screen, know they are a story in and of itself. The voices are high-pitched and ineligible but they hold so much raw truth. It’s the messy middle that carries life from Point A to Point B.) My willingness to publicly share and process ALL that has gone down over the past 2 years lives with everyone else’s covid story. […]

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2022 ~ Onward!

By Renie Allen | Jan 1, 2022

Is today really any different than yesterday? Yep! Because this world is moving FAST. Things are changing on a dime. And nothing is a guarantee. Although a new calendar doesn’t clean up yesterday’s mess, New Year’s Day is worthy of some consideration. Take a moment to check in… with your being. Notice where you are in these first hours of 2022. Before you declare a resolution in hopes of resolving an outdated habit or set an intention for something you’d like to manifest or bring in, take an honest assessment of where you are now. Like, right now. In this moment. What do you notice? Is it quiet? Are you in familiar surroundings? Coffee or tea? Need some water? How is your body? Are you tired? Maybe exhausted. Did you make it till midnight? A little hungover? Are you weary? Maybe you’re numb to it all. Are you hopeful in this new […]

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