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Trusting the Process… a humbling experience in practicing what I preach

By StillPoint MFR | May 12, 2015
StillPoint MFR paving stones

According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a PROCESS is a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result. Healing is a process.  Growth is too.  Learning; evolving; life…. all a process. It is not at all uncommon to talk with clients about ‘trusting the process’.  Often, it is in the context of healing.  The healing process is not linear, it doesn’t always make sense, it is rarely figure-out-able. It doesn’t always feel good.  And it may not be fun. It may not look anything like you thought it would. It can rattle your cage to the core; as true and authentic healing can be the one of the most liberating human experiences to be had. And as I see most of life through a bit of a ‘fascial lens’, it goes without saying, it is all connected. Of course. There is no healing without growth. No growth […]

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“I’ve Never Heard of That!!” … Myofascial Release, Yurts and More

By StillPoint MFR | Apr 27, 2015
Tradition Yurt About StillPoint MFR Yurt

As a Myofascial Release Therapist, I had learned early on that, ‘I’ve never heard of that’would be a common response when talking about what it is that I do for a living.  And I have since collected different variations of the soon-to-follow question, ‘So, what is that exactly?’I have learned that there is  no one-stop-shop answer for explaining the intricacies of Myofascial Release.  For some, its all we can do to get the pronunciation correct.  For others, their eyes light up in pure fascination.  And, of course, many other curious responses ranging anywhere in between. When talking with folks about what Myofascial Release (MFR) is, especially if the question arises in a far-from-holistic or bodywork related context, peoples eyes can glaze over in an instant.  We are all in very different relationships with our body.  And so the questions need to be answered accordingly. I understand, for many, the mere thought of […]

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StillPoint and I

By StillPoint MFR | Mar 21, 2015
StillPoint MFR Yurt by Renie Allen

Alrighty, so here we go!!  2015 began with the promise of change and wow-weeee, is it ever holding up to its end of the deal! I am writing this as Renie, yet I am also speaking on behalf of StillPoint Myofascial Release.  Since its inception, StillPoint MFR and myself (Renie), have been one in the same.  We have learned, created and grown as one.  Any foreseeable reasons to separate us have been irrelevant.  In fact, often times we have moved and adjusted in ways that nurture this model.  We have made decisions based on this kind of united growth and development. For some, this may not seem like a healthy business or personal practice, but for us it has been ideal. I am so grateful we have chosen to walk this path hand in hand, during our natural evolution.  And although I have taken enough precautionary measure to keep us […]

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