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When It Hurts To Dream

By Renie Allen | May 30, 2020

  Love shining down from the Heavens: Cousins Island, Maine I have been listening to A LOT of Jim Croce Radio on Pandora. Even now, as I type. Something about the 70’s soft rock is soothing to the frazzled ends of the nervous system. It just brings me right back. To a simpler time. A time of being a total tomboy, playing down by the creek with a stupid boy-haircut. Where I would talk to the frogs like they were my friends. And RenieLand was as real as reality. My sister still makes fun of RenieLand. It was the oasis of my imagination. The story goes like this. Every night at midnight, I would press my belly button and go to RenieLand. It was the land of 1000 Renie’s and I (of course) was the head Renie. There was always a birthday celebration and we always had cake. The end. *Sigh*  I wish I […]

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A Page From My Journal

By Renie Allen | May 7, 2020

I don’t know about you, but that feeling of forever-changed reality is really kicking in. This isn’t an email of all of the necessary safety precautions I have in place to re-open. This isn’t that at all. I haven’t gotten the go-ahead from the Internal Boss that gives me the warm, fuzzy feelings of, ‘yes, it’s time’. Instead, this is a snippet from my journal. The journal where I would basically rather die, then have someone find and read it. You know, that immediate gut wrenching, full body flush that happened when the teacher intercepted a note to your BFF about the crush you have. Basically, that x 100 is how I feel about laying the realness of my journal on display. But times are not what they used to be. And neither are comfort zones. Sh!t is insanely altered and I figure I must adapt. I’ve been drawing and writing to stir my way out […]

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When The Times Call For Isolation

By Renie Allen | Apr 13, 2020

Well. Here we are. Almost 4 weeks into quarantine. Likely, never to return to what was. Too much has already changed. It’s curious to look around at the different roles we each play in this global situation. For some, this time is demanding, chaotic and unfathomably intense. There is no rest for the weary if you are on the front lines. Whether it’s in a hospital or a grocery store. The stakes are high. These folks are heroes. For others, our duty is ‘simple’, stay home. I can’t deny there are some parts of this stay-at-home order that I absolutely resonate with. I’m a solid combination of introvert and homebody. Part of me has this totally under control. The slow pace, the room to breathe, the mandatory chill out, the space to reflect and process. All of which is fine and good, until my mental state gets hijacked. Going from […]

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Can Someone Hit The Pause Button?

By Renie Allen | Mar 18, 2020

It’s taken me this long to gather my thoughts. To make a viable decision. To begin to feel the ground beneath my feet. To hang on to a smidgen of acceptance of this new reality. Logistics:StillPoint Myofascial Release will be closed until March 30. In that time, the situation will be reassessed and we will go from there. (Days of mental angst for 2 simple sentences). In the bigger picture, we are in some serious intensity. How you doing? Kids home from school, businesses shuttering, life as we know it grinding to a halt for so many. Collectively, we are entering a StillPoint. What an incredible phenomenon, to find similarities between the healing process of what happens with the body, on the table, to what happens in nature and the world around us as a whole. Those commonalities often help comfort the chaos because it can offer a deeper understanding of […]

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Just Breathe

By StillPoint MFR | Feb 28, 2020

Click to share this post! Dangit! Do you ever catch yourself? You’re going about, doing your thing. Or doing nothing. And you realize, you’re essentially holding your breath! Breathing just deep enough to stay afloat. The air barely expands your chest, let alone fills your diaphragm or reaches your belly. We think of breathing as a bodily function that happens automatically, but all too often when we are on autopilot, we are depriving ourselves of some much needed oxygen.  So, just for good measure… let’s just pause a minute and take a big ‘ol belly breath and a looooong, slow exhale. It’s such an anxiety provoking habit, not fully breathing. A few slow, deep breaths can bring a change of perspective in an instant. It’s soothing, grounding and calms the nervous system.  Consider this. When a simple, automatic function such as breathing can suffer due to lack of awareness, just […]

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Assimilating Change

By StillPoint MFR | Jan 27, 2020

Click to share this post! First things first. Do you ever still marvel at the fact that these little hand-held computers that we call phones can capture such images? The unfiltered, vibrant colors on display in the morning sky- just one swipe and a click is all it takes to keep Mother Nature’s firey sunrise in my pocket. At this point, I mostly take the convenience, quality and speed for granted, but the technological advances we’ve seen in this past decade alone are really quite impressive. Our ever-changing World seems to have ramped things up. I think it’s the magnitude of our current events that leaves me to believe these are some history-defining, pivotal times to live through and witness.  The Universe is pulling up to the drive-thru. And super-sizing EVERYTHING it orders. The vibe is grandiose. The circumstance is large-scale. The developments are happening globally. The stakes are high. […]

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Time To Fly: 2020

By StillPoint MFR | Dec 30, 2019

Click to share this post! 2020. That seems so surreal. In my mind, it’s like a year far into the future. Yet ready or not, we’re here. At the acupuncturist this week, during the initial check in, he asks me what I was holding on to. I immediately thought, ‘the decade’.  I’ve been kind of hung up on the passage of time for awhile now. Reflective, introspective, nostalgic. Observing the massive amount of change that is taking place. Always asking the question, ‘am I where I want to be?’ Those bigger questions are rarely answered through thought alone. They are held someplace much wiser than the logical mind. The answers may take time to surface. They may require circumstance to unfold. You may be asked to follow nudges and act on blind faith.  The answers may not come until you let go of the old ways of doing things.  Of […]

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Walking the talk

By StillPoint MFR | Nov 25, 2019
John Barnes and myself. Cape Cod, September 2019

Click to share this post! (caption for photo above: John Barnes and myself. Cape Cod, September 2019) Timelines can be downright trippy. When you take a step back and notice the grander scale of paths chosen, people met, decisions made, setbacks, course corrections, serendipitous moments, etc., it can be so wild to trace back to the place you have landed. If you pay attention to life or circumstance at all, it’s hard to deny that there is some underlying current at play that moves us in and out of alignment with our purpose here on this Earth. I hopped onto the exhilarating ride of MFR in January, 2004. Although, I apparently bought my ticket sometime before then. I grew up 10 minutes from John Barnes Myofascial Release clinic in suburban Philadelphia. Drove past it, literally countless times. When I moved to Colorado after college and attended Massage Therapy school in […]

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Feel Better In Your Body: Some practical tips

By StillPoint MFR | Oct 30, 2019

Click to share this post! Do you have one of those jobs or hobbies that is a little misunderstood? One of those where your spouse or best friend can’t even fully explain what it is you do? And when you find yourself answering questions about your field or hobby, do you use a language the listener in your conversation will understand, even though it isn’t really accurate? Taking it a step further, when you’re not just looking to convey the highlights of your day job at a networking meeting or divulge your obscure passion to a stranger at a cocktail party; but when it is necessary for the listener to more fully understand your language in order to reach a desired outcome, accuracy of the language used matters. Prime example. When I need to hire a contractor to do some work around the house. Dah! Sometimes I feel like the […]

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