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Torn, detached, and a new perspective

By Renie Allen | Aug 18, 2021

Have you ever had needles stuck in your eye? Me neither, until a month or so ago. Sadly, there is no heroic or adventurous reason why this had to happen. They say I’m at the right age. Sigh. The short version of this story is I woke up one late-June, Sunday morning and my vision was super wonky. I was seeing a combination of a very unusual light show and countless black specs. It was as though I was looking through a three-dimensional pattern of black pepper. There was no pain, just significant visual disturbance. And since I rarely run to the doctor, I self-assessed as I waited a couple of days till my good friend (who was in from out of town) pretty much insisted that I go. Although Google led me to believe this was kiiiiind of an emergent situation, I was in a bit of denial. After the standard dilation, images, […]

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Brain power + flow = smooth(ish) transition

By Renie Allen | Jun 25, 2021

Let me ask you… are you better off sorting through logistics or going with the flow? Us humans can be hardwired in such a way that gives a strong bias towards one or the other. Because flow and logistics can act as such different forces to work with, most have a preference. Logistics. That hard boundary of black and white planning, most often around clocks and calendars. For some, that may feel like a satisfying and simple structure. Like a, ‘just tell me when to be there, and I’ll be there’ kind of operating system. Flow. I mean, when you are grooving down the river on a hot, summer day in a raft, meandering as the gentle forces carry you along, there’s nothing better. And wouldn’t life be grand if we could just go with the flow in a seemingly clear direction? One time management system is a man-made structure. The other is […]

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The Yurt Doors Are Open

By Renie Allen | May 29, 2021

Transition. In my household transition is a recognized phenomenon. Having raised a kid that goes between two homes with two very different parenting styles, transition is something that has been named and accepted as a way to honor the process of shifting gears. Transitioning is like a whole mood. There can be a range of emotions expressed in the lead up of transition- like an anticipatory anxiety and a form of distancing or separation. And on the back end of the transition, there can be an attitude swing or a necessary period to re-acclimate. In my home, the words, ‘I’m transitioning’, means I’m here, but I’m still adjusting to the contrast of what was in the very recent past. In other words, transition is real! And aren’t we (collectively) in it thick!? I knew it when it startedFelt the shift right as it partedSo my feet cried down below meSaw the whole room move around meSaw my […]

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By Renie Allen | Apr 15, 2021

I was listening to a podcast the other day. Business related stuff. This guy was telling his story as a 20-something who dramatically and quickly changed his career from a corporate gig to a successful copywriting entrepreneur. Although it was inspiring (those entrepreneurial wins land well in my mind) that wasn’t what grabbed my attention the most. The backstory started in the office of his seemingly cush corporate gig. He was landing high-end deals, climbing the ranks and making bank at a pretty young age. He played the game well and had quick success right out of the gate. But he was working for the man and his world –his inner world– was telling him he was cut out for something different. He recounted the story in such a way that made it easy to tell his body was trying to get his attention. He went on to say he wanted to bang his […]

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Inner Authority

By Renie Allen | Mar 24, 2021

It’s that time of year here in Maine when the itch to open the windows and get outside is so real. To run free from the confines of winter boots and ice cleats is something I long for every single March. Taking that first bike ride of the season surrounded by remnants of dirty snow banks and sandy roads. 40 degrees never feels so good as it does in March in Maine. The trusty expectations of the weather was all there was to rely on this past year as we were immersed in the disorienting nature of a world masked upside down. And even that wasn’t always a guarantee. It’s just about one year later and what a relief to still have to consider mud boots or ice cleats when heading out to the woods. Because, normalcy. Do you find yourself reflecting on the fact that collectively we have hit this […]

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All Things Myofascial Self-Care

By Renie Allen | Jan 17, 2021

There’s nothing like a song that directly speaks to your situation and meets your emotional status with perfect resonance. A finely queued song can meet the moment like a lyrical, rhythmic hug of support. Undoubtably there is some heartbreakingly beautiful, raw and intense music just waiting to be released to help soothe our collective ache. As 2020 bleeds into 2021, I can’t help but draw some parallels between acute and chronic distress. In an acute situation, the crisis hits fast and hard. The speed and unexpected nature of an acute trauma is part of the trauma itself. When something is chronic, the build is slow and steady; it can really take hold and grow roots. It’s the slow build of roots taking hold that leads to prolonged dysfunction. Now we are finding ourselves in this collective acute situation that is definitely inching into chronic territory. It’s all getting pretty freakin’ […]

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By Renie Allen | Nov 19, 2020

***Don’t miss the updates at the bottom of this blog.*** Parenting is a world like no other. Both the human and animal kind of parenting consume so much bandwidth. The unruly stages that seem to never end, until they do. The shared life lessons that lead to massive growth spurts. The moments of wondering, ‘who’s in charge here, anyway?’ That little, angelic-looking nugget in the picture above has recently turned 16. Eeeeek! As if life hasn’t already been altered in unrecognizable ways. 16 brings such marked change; the license, the job, the independence. Can’t we just walk down to the bus stop together one more time. I would cherish the kiss, the ‘bye, mommy’, and the big wave from the big heart in that big ol’ bus seat. Sigh. Life seems to be an endless opportunity to more gracefully master the art of letting go. As 2020 devilishly smirks and […]

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On Track Or Derailed?

By Renie Allen | Oct 30, 2020

We may, in fact, already be off the rails. Or maybe we’re about to derail? Is it possible to derail further when we’re already overturned and bleeding? This autumnal shot of parallel lines and symmetry kind of reminds me of a still frame in a fractal zoom. Have you ever seen a fractal zoom in action? Google should offer you a fair selection of stimulating, creative brain-fuel options that can lead you to question reality as you know it. A good fractal zoom can take you into the depths of limitlessness. I find that mind expansion stuff to be a little disorienting in all the right ways. Way better than current events, anyway. Limitlessness and expansion make me think of hope and possibility. I’m not gonna lie, somedays that is hard to come by. But by focusing on even the smallest thing that is in line with your vision for […]

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You Still With Me?

By Renie Allen | Oct 1, 2020

Dave Matthews is no stranger on my internal playlist. Well, he’s no stranger on my external playlists either. But lately, Dave is singing loud and clear! He poses big questions in a few simple lyrics. And those lyrical questions can get caught on repeat in my brain for days. But this song, yowza; the opening 4 words, which are also the title- weeks, I tell ya! Dave has been asking me for weeks now, where are you going? Where are you going,Where do you go,Are you looking for answers,To questions under the stars….I am no superman,I have no answers for you,I am no hero,That’s for sure.….I do knowWhere you goIs where I want to be. In the fluidity of song, it’s easy to be on all sides of the lyrics! The question asker, the main character being serenaded, or the singer coming from a place of I. And the beauty […]

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