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Life, On Repeat

By Renie Allen | Nov 25, 2018

The first snowfall. And Mother Nature wasn’t messing around with a little flurry foreshadowing. No pre-game show. Just, boom! Winter.  The cyclical nature of the seasons is such a pointed metaphor of how Life is on repeat. The way we move in and out of timeframes and storylines. The sameness of the repetition can be mundanely comforting.   It is always so curious, the patterns. The similar situations we are presented with. The new, but ‘familiar’ people we meet. The repeated lessons we are given until we get it right… We do it again and again, looking to further succeed the next time around. Yet, sometimes uncertain when the flavor can be tainted from past missteps. How do we access different information when we can easily be pulled back down into a mindset of second guessing, failure or impasse? When Life gives us a re-do, how do we do without regression? Reiterate, without the RE. When we […]

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When Life Re-Routes You

By Renie Allen | Oct 30, 2018

The bright golds and yellows this time of year, still shine through the already bare tree limbs. We know where this is headed. Ready or not! I find I brace a little as the anticipatory anxiety starts to chatter. The sun fades early, the chill in the air. The need to ‘prepare’. It’s that underlying sense of approaching change that makes me hold my breath a bit. For me, this is LEARNED behavior. For whatever reason, throughout my adult life, this time of year has thrown me some hefty curve balls. Major adjustments and life altering incidents seem to peak along with the leaves. The course corrections that I’ve made as the leaves fall and the pumpkins frost, reminds me there is something bigger than myself at play. When Life picks you up and re-routes you, it can be so disorienting. The trajectory changes. The surroundings may be different. This […]

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If The Spirit Moves Ya, Let Me Groove Ya

By Renie Allen | Sep 25, 2018

Let’s get this going on! Shall we? This feels like a big, phat FINALLY!! This week marks the 3 year anniversary of the StillPoint Yurt. That little round tent has been so good to us, hasn’t it? There have been so many powerful shifts, personal growth and releases. Plenty of laughs and cries. Epiphanies. Clarity. Straight up pain. Physical chaos. Crippling loss. Barriers shattered. Minds opened. Body freedom. Time warps. Even some time travel. Space held. Ah-ha moments. And endless mutual appreciation. The Yurt has also given life to Group Therapy. The small-group classes where we explore self-care as it relates to all things Fascia. On the outside, Group Therapy looks like time spent on a mat with foam rollers and balls, utilized by a small group of people and facilitated by yours truly. Basically, yes. But that is without factoring in the magic that happens. And the magic does […]

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The Summer Wind Down

By Renie Allen | Aug 28, 2018

“Welcome Back!” That is exactly what I said to myself as I sat down to write this email. Which seems like a sure sign of having spent the summer months relatively unplugged. I also received a similar response from myself as I got on my mat with the foam roller the other day… “Hey stranger”, as my body sighed, in need of a nice long stretch session. We all know what’s coming. No need to state the obvious here. The quick burst of Maine summer is, well, moving quickly.  And we begin to pivot.  Using these last few weeks of summer as a hinge on which an inevitable transition begins. Our bodies feel this. The felt sense anticipation of seasons change. It may trigger tissue memory, habits or patterns. For some, there may even be a visceral response within their system as summer begins her descent.  Take a moment to […]

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Time and Flowers

By Renie Allen | May 31, 2018

Last summer while my mom was visiting, we went to the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. Beauty explosion! Flowers forever and gardens galore. While we were soaking in all the colors of nature, I said to my mom, “If I ever get to a stage in my life where I have time to grow flowers, I know I’ve made it.” I said this coming from a place where so many other things seem to take precedence. Like, flowers? Really? Who’s got time for that?  I heard myself say this to my mom in a way that stuck with me. Like growing flowers is a measuring stick in my relationship with time. It somehow signifies a balance. And it definitely invites me to be a willing participant in this relationship with time and make of it what I wish. Because if I didn’t ‘claim’ my time, something else would. Interestingly enough, there […]

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The Space Between

By Renie Allen | Apr 4, 2018

Bike rides and snow banks. Ice cleats or muck boots? Mud season in Maine… Mother Nature’s ‘Space Between’. Every time I’m outside these days, Dave Matthews Band immediately comes on the internal soundtrack. And although Dave is singing about the ‘space between’ as it relates to matters of the heart, it is worthy to consider the Space Between as the subtle place that may be vying for some attention. In our external environment, the Space Between can feel like transition or change. That awkward and uncomfortable blend of closure while moving toward an unfamiliar new phase of life. Where neither the old or the new quite supersede the other. It is the merger, intersection and shared common parameters of the two that define this Space Between. (for some reason, TEENAGER keeps coming to mind). Internally, the Space Between has been making headlines. Apparently, earlier this week, ‘a newly discovered human […]

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Self-Care: 40 Days of Commitment

By Renie Allen | Feb 28, 2018
Self Care to Find Internal Light

Lent was a big to-do as a kid, as I was raised Catholic. I was asked to give up something I really liked as a symbol of sacrifice, during the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Candy, ice cream, pizza. Or peanut M&M’s when I felt really ambitious. In my college days, I up’d the ante with myself and gave up stronger ‘recreational’ habits for 40 days. Not because I was feeling particularly saintly, but because I liked the challenge. (Sadly, yes, giving up certain party favors was a challenge… don’t judge). The idea of commitment and challenge as it relates to Self has always been appealing. It feeds an internal drive. I find it satisfying to reach a certain level of accomplishment- even if no one else is watching. Perhaps it was my Catholic education that instilled this policing of my own actions and holding myself accountable… for […]

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The Next Iteration

By StillPoint MFR | Feb 6, 2018
Updated Website - Mandelbrot Set

The heartbeat of StillPoint Myofascial Release lives within those who show up for each session and class with a willingness to look inside of themselves to heal their body and open their mind. It is the courageous participation from those who walk through the door that continue to up the game of what StillPoint MFR has to offer. For without this willingness and participation, StillPoint MFR would not be operating at the high vibration that it does today.   It has been a growth process. One of vision and trust. Some expansion, some contraction. Lots of curiosity. And the winning ingredient- reciprocity. StillPoint MFR can only offer what is accepted by those who show up. And you SHOW UP! Thank You.   It is with so much enthusiasm to share with you the newly updated website of StillPoint Myofascial Release. Not only does it showcase the beauty of MFR, it […]

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Giving Time The Time It Deserves

By StillPoint MFR | Dec 11, 2017
Giving Time StillPoint MFR

Reflection. Must be the time of year. The chill in the air, the short days, the twinkle of the lights, the meaning of the Spirit of the Season. The reminders of ‘how it used to be’. The reality that Time Passes. Nostalgic. My mind lately, has been reflecting on the concept of time itself. The slow-boil agitation it can bring when you have too much of it. The jittery angst, when you don’t have enough. The satisfaction and the sweetness when there is just enough. And most curiously, the ability time has to shift things as it passes. Question: What is your relationship with TIME? Too much? Never enough? Or, there when you need it? The answer isn’t necessarily black and white, but is there an undercurrent in your relationship with time? It dawned on me the other day (like, a-haHA!), I am actually IN relationship with time. Time and I, whew, we can be at odds with one […]

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