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Walking the talk

By StillPoint MFR | Nov 25, 2019
John Barnes and myself. Cape Cod, September 2019

Click to share this post! (caption for photo above: John Barnes and myself. Cape Cod, September 2019) Timelines can be downright trippy. When you take a step back and notice the grander scale of paths chosen, people met, decisions made, setbacks, course corrections, serendipitous moments, etc., it can be so wild to trace back to the place you have landed. If you pay attention to life or circumstance at all, it’s hard to deny that there is some underlying current at play that moves us in and out of alignment with our purpose here on this Earth. I hopped onto the exhilarating ride of MFR in January, 2004. Although, I apparently bought my ticket sometime before then. I grew up 10 minutes from John Barnes Myofascial Release clinic in suburban Philadelphia. Drove past it, literally countless times. When I moved to Colorado after college and attended Massage Therapy school in […]

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Feel Better In Your Body: Some practical tips

By StillPoint MFR | Oct 30, 2019

Click to share this post! Do you have one of those jobs or hobbies that is a little misunderstood? One of those where your spouse or best friend can’t even fully explain what it is you do? And when you find yourself answering questions about your field or hobby, do you use a language the listener in your conversation will understand, even though it isn’t really accurate? Taking it a step further, when you’re not just looking to convey the highlights of your day job at a networking meeting or divulge your obscure passion to a stranger at a cocktail party; but when it is necessary for the listener to more fully understand your language in order to reach a desired outcome, accuracy of the language used matters. Prime example. When I need to hire a contractor to do some work around the house. Dah! Sometimes I feel like the […]

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Tug O’ War or Beautiful Dance

By StillPoint MFR | Sep 25, 2019
Stillpoint MFR rocks and water myofascial release

Click to share this post! TENSION. You know the feeling. The strain that pulls on you from the inside. The feeling that somewhere in your body you are weighted down and the tug and pull is felt into far reaching places. You are stretched thin. There is a heavy drag on the system.    Or external tension. A challenging discussion. The space between you and another is filled with heat or angst. Hard words and emotions are exchanged. Your heart races and temperatures rise. It’s palpable. You can almost see it. (Or you can simply look to the greater picture- tensions are high, period.)   COMPRESSION. You are being squeezed. Tight. Not enough time, too much to do. Everybody around you needs something.  The demands are high and the resources, few. And when you look up from the crushing busyness, your spirit aches for a different world. The squeeze feels like pounds […]

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By StillPoint MFR | Aug 28, 2019
Lost by Coldplay

Click to share this post! (Artwork compliments: Coldplay Lost!) LOST! Time warps. Focus narrows. Adrenaline kicks in. The world of Lost becomes all-consuming. Searching, strategizing, worrying, hoping, praying and riding the waves of fear. All of which varies depending on the significance of what it is missing.  You know the feeling. Whether you’re lost in unfamiliar territory on your travels, you’ve lost a precious item, you’ve lost your kid in the mall… or your dog, who jumps out of the car during a thunderstorm while you are on vacation. Panic! Immediate panic. It’s a total scene. That quickly turns into a vacation-gone-wrong. My sensitive, 10 yr old, rescue dog, Isis (goddess, not terrorist), did just that. Clawed her way out of my car during a thunderstorm while we were on a beach vacation. SPOILER ALERT: The story has a happy ending. Isis is currently laying on the couch as I type, but damn, that […]

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In a World of Patterns, It Always Comes Back to YOU

By StillPoint MFR | Jun 10, 2019
MFR Renie Allen sky patterns

Click to share this post! Recognize your patterns, discover your truth Cyclical, seasonal, habitual, behavioral. Learned or developed. In plain sight or hidden. We all have ’em. These repetitive occurrences that can be expected and welcomed or unseen and blindsiding. The more we are able to anticipate what may be coming our way, the better we can deal. We’re creatures of habit. We become so familiar with our surroundings that we can run on auto pilot at times. Have you ever stopped to recognize all the things you do each day without much thought? From the small daily grooming habits and the structure of the work week, to food choices and exercise routines. To TV programming and waiting for the weekend. To seasonal chores and holiday traditions. To the voice in your head that says, “I’m gonna change that one day”… on repeat. These habitual patterns, they’re everywhere. Even Mother […]

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More Food Than Fascia

By StillPoint MFR | Apr 29, 2019
food and myofascial release

Click to share this post! We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this Public Service Announcement Here at StillPointMFR, it’s all about the Fascia. From introducing folks to their fascial system to educating about fascia. From identifying restrictions within the fascial system to releasing these restrictions; to facilitating self-care treatment for one’s own fascial health.  StillPoint Myofascial Release is your place for the John Barnes approach to MFR in its pure form.  Today, I stray. When I write these monthly blog post/newsletters, the theme usually stems from something I see in nature, in real time, and photograph. The writing is sparked from the image captured. And somehow tied into a message that can be related to MFR principles. Since myofascial principles are often replicated in nature, it can make for a relatable analogy or metaphor.  But this month I keep coming back to this same theme. I’ve been hearing so many versions […]

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Knowing Where You Want to Go…

By StillPoint MFR | Mar 25, 2019
StillPoint MFR blog post bridge

Click to share this post! Knowing where you want to go, is different than TAKING yourself there. We are in some times! Some interesting times, some fast moving times, some uncertain times, some pivotal times, some changing times, some astrologically powerful times (if you’re into that kind of thing), some unhealthy times, some exciting times, some straight up crazy times. I can’t lie, my head spins at least some part of most days, lately. And there has to be a high level of self-accountability to take steps to minimize the spin. I’m ok with that. One thing I have come to accept is holding myself accountable. Which, as a small part of this big collective world we live in, is the least we can do, right? Hold ourselves accountable- even when no one is looking. Because what we do to ourselves, for ourselves, will undoubtably ripple back to the whole. And […]

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What happens on the table is JUST the beginning

By StillPoint MFR | Feb 25, 2019
StillPoint MFR location Cumberland Maine

Click to share this post! Maybe you can relate? You’ve had something nagging going on in your body. You took the steps to seek help and support. Patiently waited for your scheduled session. During the treatment, you experience such relief by finally giving attention to what has been troubling. And you think to yourself, ‘Great, I’m so glad that is taken care of’. Only to let life take over in the time following your session and you find the old, nagging sensations creep back in.  This happens. All too often. We can make profound and lasting changes within the body. Because MFR is, ya know, pretty much magic. Yet sometimes the changes don’t hold as long as we’d like. Life kicks back in and our body reverts to its old patterns, familiar symptoms and usual pain. The body recognizes these patterns and clings to them for dear life. UNLESS, we […]

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Creative Self Expression

By StillPoint MFR | Jan 28, 2019
Renie and Autumn art painting StillPoint MFR

Here in Maine, January is pretty well guaranteed to be cold and dark. The elements can be harsh. Yet a fresh blanket of snow and blue sky day can invigorate the senses. January in Maine makes me appreciate the things that can be taken for granted. A warm house, a short commute, local farm fresh food even in this climate. And a chance to shift the focus.  Short days and cold nights invite indoor projects and INWARD projects. It can be a time to check in with yourself, assess your current situation, make a plan to shift or adjust that which may not be working. And to accentuate all that is! Earlier this month, I celebrated a birthday. 46. Not a milestone year, but still worthy of reflection and assessment. And taking the yearly inventory to help set a few intentions.  Creative Self Expression. They are the words that pique […]

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