Brain power + flow = smooth(ish) transition

Let me ask you… are you better off sorting through logistics or going with the flow?

Us humans can be hardwired in such a way that gives a strong bias towards one or the other. Because flow and logistics can act as such different forces to work with, most have a preference.

Logistics. That hard boundary of black and white planning, most often around clocks and calendars. For some, that may feel like a satisfying and simple structure. Like a, ‘just tell me when to be there, and I’ll be there’ kind of operating system.

Flow. I mean, when you are grooving down the river on a hot, summer day in a raft, meandering as the gentle forces carry you along, there’s nothing better. And wouldn’t life be grand if we could just go with the flow in a seemingly clear direction?

One time management system is a man-made structure. The other is on nature’s clock. The flow of a meandering river doesn’t care what time you’re supposed to be home for dinner. You get there when you get there.

It’s a wonder there is any harmony in our complex world between these two concurrent forces.

The black and white process of thinking and figuring things out according to time and details is legit. Making plans and meeting deadlines is part of the puzzle that fills your daytimer.

But what about synchronicities and being at the right place at the right time- and I’m not talking about showing up for dinner at 5. The flow of natures clock affords us the ability to follow higher guidance and energetic nudges. Which can lead to serendipitous developments or an inner sense of alignment.

In this modern world, it’s essential to have a supportive relationship with both logistics and flow.

Because when life throws a big ol’ wrinkle in your plan, it’s likely you’ll need all the powers to course correct and get back on (or find a new) track.

When your regular schedules and time markers suddenly go awry, it can be quite confusing and disorienting to get right-side-up. And if you can interject guided flow into your calculations and lean on strategic calculations while you seek your flow, you might just find your way into a smooth-ish transition.

While endless logistics can be strapped right to your wrist these days, that trusted guidance and flow can be felt from within your body. The clearer you are on deciphering your inner wisdom the more you can tap into the flowing nature of your inherent and intuitive input from your internal resources.

Set a reminder in your iPhone letting you know your inner guidance is calling.

Want to build a stronger sense of reliance on your inner guidance? Your fascial system plays an integral part. The more in-tune you are with your body, the more readily you can rely on what you feel as wisdom, guidance and physical interpretation of higher messages.

At StillPointMFR there are several ways to support and encourage fascial health and wellbeing.

In-person offerings:
Weekly Myofascial Stretch & Roll small group classes. Beginning Thursday, July 8, 2021.9:15-10:30 am $20

Online offerings:
Currently, the private FB group Fascial Focus Community has free weekly live sessions and past recordings. The focus changes each week, and requests are honored and appreciated.

Social media isn’t for everyone (total respect there) but if you’re out there, follow StillPointMFR on Instagram. Find StillPointMFR on Spotify for some playlists that are perfect for a Myofascial stretch session. Or come on over to Fascial Focus Community on FB.

Happy first days of summer. Sending you continued smooth-ish-ness as we unravel into what’s next.