Can Someone Hit The Pause Button?

It's taken me this long to gather my thoughts. To make a viable decision. To begin to feel the ground beneath my feet. To hang on to a smidgen of acceptance of this new reality.

Logistics:StillPoint Myofascial Release will be closed until March 30. In that time, the situation will be reassessed and we will go from there. (Days of mental angst for 2 simple sentences).

In the bigger picture, we are in some serious intensity. How you doing? Kids home from school, businesses shuttering, life as we know it grinding to a halt for so many.

Collectively, we are entering a StillPoint.
What an incredible phenomenon, to find similarities between the healing process of what happens with the body, on the table, to what happens in nature and the world around us as a whole. Those commonalities often help comfort the chaos because it can offer a deeper understanding of a sometimes uncomfortable process.

And vice versa. 

In this time of collective uncertainty, I am relying on my past experiences of personal chaos leading to higher order and wisdom. Accepting things will be totally different on the other side of this. And making a pact to trust and listen to inner guidance above all else.

In a treatment session, as sustained pressure is applied into the fascial system, and the body begins to explore inner territory that is vital to healing, a few scenarios can happen. For example, there may be resistance going to that place and one may distract themselves and avoid reaching such depths. Or the physical body may move quickly around this place, in order not to feel it. Potentially, mentally, someone may just completely check out- like they have just left the building.

Or, the body can go into a StillPoint.
There is a physical and energetic quality to this place of a stillpoint that is unmistakable. The body becomes light, there is a sense of calm to the system. There is a melding of the dreamlike space and the conscious mind that brings a sense of overall fluidity. This gentle, subtle vibration can't be accessed in times of heightened alertness. 

In this state, we are open to significant reorganization on a cellular level. We have access to higher wisdom and authentic healing capacity.

Currently, beneath the fear and chaos, we are being given an invitation to access this place of stillness. We are suddenly set up with a sustained pressure of this situation. It's likely you may find yourself with some combination of distraction, avoidance, or checking out. (Guilty!)

But in our busy, overstimulated, fast-paced, modern reality, we are now here. Shut down.
Over the coming days, weeks, perhaps even months, we will be tested. To some of our greatest limits. This is a chance to hit the pause button.

Just. Stop.

And feel into that. Like, really feel into it and let whatever comes to the surface, bubble up. Maybe you cry, shake, scream, shiver. Maybe you are wildly creative. Maybe you go numb. Maybe you decide to clean a closet instead.
The game will resume, eventually, But for now, the pause button has been hit. And we will all be different for it.

We are in this together, in our own little corners.

I will be reaching out with further logistics as things unfold. And please keep in touch with me too. Shout outs, hellos and checkins are lifelines at a time like this!

Sending much hope and promise for brighter days on the other side of this. Listen to the birds, check out the flowers springing from the ground. The cycles continue.


PS- I can spare a roll or two if anyone is in need of some TP.