Lost by Coldplay


Click to share this post! (Artwork compliments: Coldplay Lost!) LOST! Time warps. Focus narrows. Adrenaline kicks in. The world of Lost becomes all-consuming. Searching, strategizing, worrying, hoping, praying and riding the waves of fear. All of which varies depending on the significance of what it is missing.  You know the feeling. Whether you’re lost in unfamiliar territory …

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MFR Renie Allen sky patterns

In a World of Patterns, It Always Comes Back to YOU

Click to share this post! Recognize your patterns, discover your truth Cyclical, seasonal, habitual, behavioral. Learned or developed. In plain sight or hidden. We all have ’em. These repetitive occurrences that can be expected and welcomed or unseen and blindsiding. The more we are able to anticipate what may be coming our way, the better …

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food and myofascial release

More Food Than Fascia

Click to share this post! We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this Public Service Announcement Here at StillPointMFR, it’s all about the Fascia. From introducing folks to their fascial system to educating about fascia. From identifying restrictions within the fascial system to releasing these restrictions; to facilitating self-care treatment for one’s own fascial health.  StillPoint Myofascial …

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