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Parenting is a world like no other. Both the human and animal kind of parenting consume so much bandwidth. The unruly stages that seem to never end, until they do. The shared life lessons that lead to massive growth spurts. The moments of wondering, ‘who’s in charge here, anyway?’

That little, angelic-looking nugget in the picture above has recently turned 16. Eeeeek!

As if life hasn’t already been altered in unrecognizable ways. 16 brings such marked change; the license, the job, the independence. Can’t we just walk down to the bus stop together one more time. I would cherish the kiss, the ‘bye, mommy’, and the big wave from the big heart in that big ol’ bus seat. Sigh.

Life seems to be an endless opportunity to more gracefully master the art of letting go. As 2020 devilishly smirks and nods from across the room.

Hanging on to stuff that is clearly leaving or ending is ripe for internal conflict. The emotional reckoning of a chapter closed, the goodbyes, the uncertainty of what lies ahead- that all takes up residence in the body.

And certainly not rent free.

There is a cost associated with all of this change. It may be more easily recognized as gray hair and a few more wrinkles. But rest assured it runs much deeper than that.

We tighten, numb out, sleep less, worry more. The body does its best to assimilate the changes, but eventually, we add one too many straws and dam runneth over.

At this point in 2020, can we all just agree that ignorance is no longer bliss? There is just too much at stake as it relates to your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Clearing out the days load of craze from the body should not be too much to ask. Especially when a bit internal freedom may be more of a necessity than a luxury. One more day of chaos built up in the body might just take you off the rails.

Committing to a Myofascial self care practice is hard- or so I hear. In my recent research (for the upcoming course that is still on schedule to launch in January), lack of commitment was the number one reason why folks don’t regularly release their own fascia.

Within the lack of commitment category, time and in-home distractions were the top 2 reasons. Uncertain of what to do and a fear of hurting ones’ self were also commonly sited.

So let’s see what we can do about that. There is now a brand spanking new private FB group called Fascial Focus Community. There have been a handful of us hanging out for a couple of weeks. But we’re ready for some new company! I hope you’ll join us.

Full disclosure: I am personally no fan of Facebook. So I fully understand and respect the ‘thanks but no thanks’ reply, if you’re with me on the distaste for FB. That said, I find if there is any possible way for FB to have a sweet spot, it is within private groups.

Currently, there are short weekly live videos on the how-to of a certain technique. If you have an ailment or a place you could use some guidance, I am happy to take requests and breakdown a specific technique that may be beneficial for you.

Also, beginning NEXT WEDNESDAY, November 25, our weekly Zoom classes will be done on FB live. Each class will be available for replay for ONE WEEK within the group, until the next class is posted. That way you can find a time that works for you to stretch, roll and release the days craze from your body.

Take care of you like you’re the boss. Untaxing all of the systems is the name of the game.