Renie and Autumn art painting StillPoint MFR

Creative Self Expression

Here in Maine, January is pretty well guaranteed to be cold and dark. The elements can be harsh. Yet a fresh blanket of snow and blue sky day can invigorate the senses. January in Maine makes me appreciate the things that can be taken for granted. A warm house, a short commute, local farm fresh food even in this climate. And a chance to shift the focus. 

Short days and cold nights invite indoor projects and INWARD projects. It can be a time to check in with yourself, assess your current situation, make a plan to shift or adjust that which may not be working. And to accentuate all that is!

Earlier this month, I celebrated a birthday. 46. Not a milestone year, but still worthy of reflection and assessment. And taking the yearly inventory to help set a few intentions. 

Creative Self Expression.

They are the words that pique my interest so far this year. They are words that feel like a bit of a roadmap for 2019. They are the words that are a little like a question and an answer. Creative self expression, both personally and professionally. Sounds kinda fun!

In my earlier days of parenting, I learned that a good art project with my daughter was gold! It was when the deeper conversations happened, it was where young concerns were given a voice, and when some of the tougher questions got asked. Crayons and glue sticks taught me way more than I could’ve imagined. What was expressed was far beyond the art that was made.

It seems this theme of creative self expression that is presenting itself, in this short day, cold night, month of January  has some merit behind it. Creativity takes the grind out of  the mundane. It feels like movement and freedom. It gives a sense of permission. 

This theme reminds me of an intro to a cover song by Matt Nathanson. He is covering Romeo and Juliet, by Dire Straits, to a live crowd. He introduces the song with a brief disclaimer saying he’s never played the song live before. And goes on to say, ‘I’ll try it. Oh, and if I fu*k it up, it’s cool… it’s art’. 

That kind of permission is liberating. In these early days of 2019, creative self expression feels like that kind of permission. And I say, YES, PLEASE!

One of my favorite ways of self expression is through movement. In Myofascial Release, the unwinding process or spontaneous movements can be highly expressive. It can give life to parts of ourselves that are beyond words. When the movements of the body ARE the artistic medium, there is no worry in f’ing that up. That authentic expression is raw beauty.

Group Therapy is like art class for the body. We go over some techniques, learn some of the foundational principles but the end result is totally up to you. You have the opportunity for healing, creative self expression. Utilizing the techniques to make them your own. Seeking creativity with your movements so you are able to feel places in the body that are craving attention. Reaching into restrictions that offers a satisfaction like finding a pivotal piece in a jigsaw puzzle. 

Foam rollers and balls are like the glue sticks and crayons. There is much more to it than one could ever imagine and what is expressed goes far beyond the mat. 

At StillPointMFR we do this weekly on Wednesday Evenings and once monthly on the first Saturday of the month.

Weekly Wednesday Evenings
 5:30-6:45 pm

First Saturday of the Month
February 2, 2019
10-11:30 am
(this class is almost full, sign up asap if you are interested)

Small forms of creative self expression build the way for larger forms. Paint, draw, write, sing, make music, take pictures, dance, move. And if you eff it up, that’s cool, it’s art.

Hope to see you in the Yurt,

*the pic above is a celebratory birthday painting from Muse, a paint bar in Portland. Bring a friend, family, your kids. Share in the self expression. Admire your similarities and your uniqueness.