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The language that steers your body is EMERGING.

Hey, you. Yes, you, with your eyes wide open, curious as all get-out, absorbing your surroundings like a sponge. Your pure heart is out there searching for life’s meaning as you seek answers to big questions.  You are captivated by intrigue and wonder as your sense of Self continues to Emerge.

Your body holds the roadmap on your quest for genuine purpose in your life. Check it out!



You are always seeking, ultra intrigued, and eager for depth. You are awe-inspired by the world around you. 

And yet, the world around you is so complex and slightly jacked at the moment, leaving you a little confused.

Your desire to find your unique purpose fuels your quest on how to make the most of this life. 

Authentic connection with others inspires your search for soul-level relationships and friendships. This is part of your natural magnetism. You attract people with your zest and spark for life. 

And because you already have what you are seeking, others are able to see it in you. 

You are genuinely hopeful and don’t shy away from learning life from those around you. You look to both your peers and your authority for insight. Admittedly though, it doesn’t always resonate.

Your fascination with how the world ticks leads you to be very sensory aware. 

So much so, you often prefer to go with your own flow. Because in the quiet space of your own mind you have the greatest sense of being understood.

It is in your own flow that you strive to take care of your body. You do your best to make sensible-ish decisions.

And you often wonder if your body holds more answers than you know how to retrieve. Your intuition leads you to believe that is the case.

Having this discreet yet vibrant relationship with your inner knowing is in your favor. In fact, where this relationship proves to be difficult for others, it comes naturally to you. 

Your connection to Self is strong, Emerging Body. And yet you’re continuously on the lookout for validation. Those inklings of evidence that satiate a longing from your soul, if only for a moment, like a fix. Like a small beacon that says, “Yes, I see you.

The light and wisdom emerging from your being are your birthright. Trust that they will continue to shine as you carry on.

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.

Your primal, HIGH-VIBING INSTINCTS are not to be doubted. Your LIGHT is not to be dimmed. Allow it to Emerge.

Inside Your Quiz Results You'll Find...

  • A personalized plan to use that inquisitive and curious nature to your advantage when it comes to developing a relationship with your body’s connection pathway- your fascial system.
  • Answer to the question: What's FASCIA got to do with it? Why is it so important to understand and maintain a healthy fascial system? And does it really communicate with me?
  • A glimpse into other ‘fascia archetypes’ that could also be influencing your fascial system. Considering fascia is fluid and ever-changing, your relationship to it may change over time, as well.
  • The spiral nature of personal growth, healing, and your fascial system.
  • Actionable next steps to begin or deepen the relationship to a better understanding of your body’s language.

Alright, Emerging Body, can we talk straight for a moment?

You were born with a purpose, limitless potential, and a heart that knows Universal love.

You are living through a time of chaos, of paradigm-changing proportions. One where the world needs a massive shift and healing.

Since the body responds and reacts to the world around it, it’s no wonder your inner world is vying for your attention on the regular.

That constant need for attention can be exhausting. Especially if you’re unsure how to meet the requests from a part of your being that you’re not quite sure how to reach.

What is emerging from the depths of your cells can clash as it surfaces in this modern world. There is a sense of old and new worlds colliding into some alchemical wizardry hoping to find higher-order from the chaos both inside and around you.

No doubt your body, mind, or spirit takes the brunt of this transformational, energetic concoction.

Learning to trust your body’s wisdom with the utmost confidence is a theme for you, Emerging Body. 

In order to trust your body’s wisdom, you must also learn its language. YOU hold the answers you’ve been looking for.

Okay, let's DO this!

Looking for Self-reliance? Self-discovery? Authentic healing?

This is where fascia comes in!

  • Imagine having a consistent and unique communication system for knowing what is going on with your health and wellbeing. 
  • Imagine this voice delivering clear directions on how to find and address areas that are in need. 
  • Imagine being the expert who is able to discern, treat and advocate for your current physical, mental, and emotional needs. 
  • Imagine connecting your pain and physical symptoms with your inner wisdom and intuition to speak in a way that you understand.

Your fascial system is what connects it all. This vast web of connective tissue is often a key to your physical symptoms. Fascia is also a super communicator. And also to you through your awareness.  

When injury, trauma, pain, or stagnation (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) creates enough disturbance for part of you to feel out of sync, your fascial system is both the lock and the key. 

The importance of fascial health:

  • Self-reliance: When your body, mind, or spirit aches, feels weary or is recovering, there is a great sense of empowerment in being able to help yourself.
  • Self-discovery: When you are faced with challenges or decisions, lean on your body’s wisdom to offer internal insight to clarify some of your toughest questions.
  • Authentic healing: The fascial system affects your body from the energetic to the cellular level. Fascial release helps clear the debris and release the baggage of your being.

A healthy fascial system is your greatest ally.

But how in the world do you tend to your fascia?

Stay with me, we’re going there next!

The Spiral Nature of Fascial Release

The art and practice of Myofascial Release is a beautiful dance. Your body carries the load as life unfolds. It holds your hurts, it is shaped by your beliefs, and it responds to your inward attention. Physical symptoms in the body are signals seeking your care.

Myofascial self-care is a practice that helps you identify where your body is holding, how your body communicates, the ability to discern what you need, and in turn, unlock your body's wisdom. 

Myofascial release spiral Stillpoint MFR

Start with the Basics

Myofascial self-care is a manual therapy practice using foam rollers, balls, stretching, and movement. 

The cyclical nature of Myofascial self-care consists of 4 basic principles that expand into higher levels of mastery.

  • Identify fascial restrictions
  • Understand how your fascial system communicates
  • Master Myofascial self-care techniques
  • Unlock your body's wisdom 


foam rollers group therapy

Step 1
Identify Fascial Restrictions:

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The body communicates through the vast web of the fascial system. One way to learn this language is through a Myofascial self-care practice.

The best way to begin to familiarize yourself with the fascial system is to be able to identify fascial restrictions. Simply put, fascial restrictions are the areas of the body that can be a source of pain, limited range of motion, or areas of dysfunction.

Think of these fascial restrictions as a great source of information or your body consciousness. These restrictions are secret keepers, collections of wisdom, and holders of hurts; essentially, they are both the lock and the key to fascial freedom.

Being able to identify fascial restrictions is the difference between having a GPS on an obscure back road adventure or simply hoping you find your way through uncharted territory. 

The process of identifying fascial restrictions is the foundation of connection into your body.

Being able to identify fascial restrictions is the portal into the deep and complex story that is YOU.

When this step is done with consistency, the rapport you build with your body is based on trust, and it enhances your ability to listen to the important messages your fascia is sending. 

Step 2
How Your Fascial System Communicates:

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In Step 1, as you identify fascial restrictions, your body will begin to offer you sensation. This sensation is HOW the fascial system communicates. 

Disclaimer: it is a challenge to fully express the wide array of sensation the fascial system can generate until you experience it. But this sensation is the language of the fascial system.

The sensation that is experienced as you identify fascial restrictions is essentially where the rubber meets the road. 

SENSATION is the heart and soul of understanding how your body communicates. It IS the language of your body. And it speaks in various ways.

  • Sensation can lead you to tight and tense areas of the body as you release aching muscles and pain-inducing tension.
  • It can help to slow down racing thoughts or ease a weary mind.
  • And sensation can help you further hone your intuition. 

The body communicates in a way that is robust with sensation. And with time, this sensational conversation can become something you crave!

Step 3
Mastering Myofascial Self-Care Techniques


The spiral nature of this process seamlessly lends itself to taking you into a new phase of discovery while building your skills in the step before. 

The premise of this practice is utilizing Myofascial self-care techniques to better understand your body's language.

While the techniques are important, focusing on your body’s feedback via sensations will enhance your confidence with the techniques. 

It’s a cycle that feeds itself.

  • The techniques are designed to help you identify fascial restrictions by using foam rollers, balls, stretching, and movement.
  • The sensation that is generated is an important and meaningful conversation towards self-discovery and healing.
  • And as you hone your skills of identifying restrictions and generating sensation, you are by default beginning to master the techniques. 

The how-to of Myofascial self-care is a cog in the wheel of understanding how your body communicates. The techniques are the tool that initiates the internal conversation.

Mastery of the techniques comes from understanding your body's language, not the other way around.

Step 4
Unlocking Your Body’s Wisdom:


Fascial restrictions often contribute to:

      • pain
      • limited range of motion
      • loss of function 
      • physical and mental fatigue
      • emotional strain 
      • spiritual stagnation 
      • internal chaos
      • ...and a host of other symptoms. 

As you begin to free up these restrictions, your essence, your wisdom, and your authentic nature have a chance to emerge. You are able to step into right-relationship with the parts of yourself that get shut off or disconnected through traumatic experiences in your life. 

When the chaotic nature and painful sensation of symptoms override your body’s wisdom, you are shut off from what makes you shine. 

By giving your fascial system attention in a way that allows you to identify and release fascial restrictions, you tap into a flow of body consciousness that is your own best ally.

As you begin to understand how to decipher the messages that come from your fascia, the quantum effects will ripple through your being. 

In other words, this process is ongoing. The opportunity for self-discovery and connection is infinite.

The innate language that steers your body speaks in a manner you likely understand. Your fascial system will only make this conversation more profound. Listen.

Although you’ve checked some digital boxes to receive these quiz results, one thing is for certain…

Fascia, in all of its web-like, 3-dimensional, down-to-the-cellular-level, consciousness-wielding glory is NOT meant to fit into a box...

And neither are YOU!

Your emerging sense of self is always eager to grab your attention. This is an exciting and vibrant conversation. But other parts of your body's wisdom could be speaking a different language.

I bet you can find some qualities of yourself in all four fascial archetypes.


swim drive body

“We rarely hear the inward music, but we’re all dancing to it nevertheless.”


  • Drive Body's have a fierce tenacity that enable you to put your head down and keep going.
  • You are solution-driven and thrive on seeing results.
  • The innate drive can override your system. It is persistent, diligent, and focused when it is set to task.  
  • It is important to capitalize on your natural ability to see things through, because healing can move at a pace that makes your drive instincts crazy.
  • In order to keep the body running smoothly, your physical tune UP will require you to tune IN.



“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”


  • Your body may be sensitive but that is not in absence of strength. 
  • Your willingness to fight for your health and well-being is a mission that takes determination, self-advocacy, and a well of hope. 
  • Like the determined and resourceful self-advocate that you are, you have an inner level of grit and resilience when it comes to your health. 
  • Sensitivity is like a fierce inner strength enmeshed in a permeable softness for your sensibilities to flow. Your body’s unique language embraces this expression.



“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”


  • You are super curious and never too far from wonder. 
  • You are on the lookout for depth and meaning.
  • Your body holds more answers than you know how to retrieve. 
  • You are sensory aware and prefer going with your own flow. Because it is in the quiet spaces of your own mind there is a sense of being understood.
  • Learning to trust your body’s wisdom with the utmost confidence is an important theme for you.
  • Creating a rapport with your innate love-spreading, problem-solving, big-hearted, high-vibing power is not to be underestimated.
  • The answers you have been looking for are within.


about myofascial release therapy Renie Allen

“There is a life force within your soul, seek that life.”


  • Your experiences and intentional focus on soul growth and personal development have shown you that your body, mind, and spirit operate as one. 
  • You know that your immediate environment and collective energies have an effect on your being.
  • You have a preference to keep your physical body substance-free and in good shape.
  • You are no stranger to energetic downloads of information, subtle sensations, and waking dreams.
  • You make people feel at ease simply because your natural pace is unhurried and you have a knack to hone in on what’s really important.
  • Your innate groundedness has taken a lot of inner work to attain. You’ve done your share of self-discovery and healing to feel more alive and at home in your own skin. 

Hey there! I'm Renie. Soul seeking, fascia fanatic, recovering drive body!

This is how it all began...

Nearly two decades ago, I was freshly separated, single-mom’ing, and in the very early stages of my Myofascial Release career. I was searching long and hard for clarity, the next right steps, reassurance, and for a light in the chaos.

Outside of Portland, Maine in the early 2000s, there were very few MFR therapists. For me, the passion ran high for this ‘work’ that spoke to me like a calling. Saying I was eager to learn is a massive understatement. Some, at that time, may have said I was consumed. 

I was awakening. 

Myofascial Release was that light I was searching for in the chaos. My experiences at that time were immersing myself in John Barnes Myofascial Release seminars while trying to create a new life for me and my young daughter. And the same message was reinforced over and over and over again….

The answers are within.

 And IN, I went. 

Exploring the fascial system with a foam roller and ball, in my near-empty, sun-drenched apartment that was full of hope and wonder, felt like a brand new life.

I got quiet and listened. And started to hear the natural language of the body that communicates and speaks through the fascial system. 

A lot of life has happened since those early MFR days. It’s an honor to meet you here on the path that was forged all those years ago. Let's see what we can discover together!

I'm honored you're here,


Welcome to the StillPoint MFR Community! Your fascial system is so glad you’re here!

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