Family Dynamics and Fascial Restrictions

I recently went home for a funeral. Home, to me, can either mean where I currently live in Maine or where I grew up, outside of Philadelphia. In this instance, I left my daughter at home in Maine so I could be with my family back home in Philadelphia.

left home to go to college way back when and have never landed back home in Suburban Philadelphia for any period of time since.

Like so many people I have worked with over the years, home and family dynamics are ripe with early wounds, relational patterns, and opportunities to better handle your reactions when you get triggered.

It’s kind of like you think you’ve worked on your issues and grown personally from who you once were. You’ve self-helped your way into a more evolved version of yourself… until you surround yourself with that oh-so-special family dynamic that in a moment cancels every therapy session you’ve ever had!

Ha, tell me I’m not alone here, please!

This particular trip home was a true full-circle moment. Complete with a funeral home packed with people I knew in high school, the need for my young-adult niece and nephew to step up in the most unconditional way, a triangulation pattern that runs strong, and even a chance to spend time in the hospital I was born in.

(Astrologically, this was a CLASSIC Mercury Retrograde reset situation, right on time, but that’s a different conversation.)

These trips down memory lane from current-day reality can truly rewire some synapses. With several moments of feeling like I must be on the Universal version of candid camera.

Thing is…

All of these memories, all of the stories, all of the circumstance, all of the current pain of a life-altering situation, mired in personal history FOR ALL INVOLVED, is a chance to consider how each individual body carries the weight of life in a way that is unique to them.

Can’t you literally visualize all of the fascial restrictions developing, solidifying, strengthening roots, perhaps even finally letting go?

Myofascial Release has been my therapy of choice for over 2 decades. It touches the wounds in such a way that not only highlights the patterns that we spiral through but actually allows you to feel them… in real time… in your body.


Earlier this year, I developed an online course dedicated to Myofascial self-care.

I saw a crucial need for self-reliance and for people to be able to effectively and confidently help themselves when it comes to the health of their fascial system.

All Things Myofascial Self-Care is a comprehensive online course that is valuable for both the beginner and those more experienced with MFR.

The free online workshops I had offered this week were like an appetizer to the main course.

All Things Myofascial Self-Care

The doors to this one-of-a-kind online course are now open!

Be sure to click that button above to see what’s included in this special offering dedicated purely to the principles of The John Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release and how they translate to self-care.

There is so much valuable material included in this course.

  • There are over 40 lessons included in this 6-module, 6-week course.
  • Designed to help you establish a sustainable Myofascial self-care practice to ease your pain, get to know your fascial system, take control of your well-being, and aid in your self-discovery process.
  • The content is a blend of Myofascial theory, principle, technique. And includes a weekly flowing-sequence session where we tie together what we covered that module. (uh, yes please!)
  • Find a starting point, feel better in your body, lean on accountability, ask questions, listen to deep and meaningful conversations rooted in healing, self-discovery, and personal transformation.

All Things Myofascial Self-Care

We are clearly moving into a new era of humanity. Let’s clear out some of the heavy, worn-out stuff that has no place in where we’d like to go.

Join the group that is already gathering. It will be sweet, special, and even pivotal for the relationship you have with yourself.


Too long, didn’t read: family, funerals and fascia. Click the button to learn about All Things Myofascial Self-Care. It’s the last time this will be offered until 2022.

Been there, done that? Repeat at a discounted price. Remembering your fascial system ALWAYS has something new to teach you.