Feel Better In Your Body!

Ease Pain, Soothe Mental Angst, Unleash Your Spirit

Tension. Pain. Feeling Stuck. It doesn't have to be that way!

Your body talks to you. Whether through pain or injury, trauma or abuse, emotional unrest, or spiritual stagnation, the body carries the brunt of it. It keeps our secrets, holds our hurt, and changes as we grow.

A Myofascial self-care practice will deepen those inner knowings as you get in touch with, explore, and release the hurt your body holds on to.

In other words, as your body becomes more open and free you will, in turn, heighten your awareness and harness your body's ability to heal.

So you can feel better in your body,


Your fascial exploration is

Right. On. Time!


You want to HEAL

You're at the stage where your body feels like a daily uphill battle. Your collection of health related issues, injuries or traumas have begun to wear your body thin. And you recognize the reality that something must change in order to reconnect with yourself.


You want to THRIVE

You're already in-tune and in relationship with your body as it relates to awareness, movement, fitness and nutrition.  You view your body as the fundamental vehicle that takes you through this crazy thing called life, while recognizing the value of self care, body upkeep and a desire to deepen your physical practices.

Myofascial release beach photography Renie Allen

You want to GO DEEPER

You're searching for a deeper connection between your physical body and your emotional or spiritual well-being. There is an emerging belief that your inner world reflects your outer world. And you put your faith into an inherent trust that is your Soul.

Some of the many benefits of Myofascial Self-Care include:

Greatly decrease your pain and move with ease by releasing fascial restrictions 

Develop undeniable body awareness. Because when you know your body, you're in the driver's seat.

Unwavering self-trust. Body Consciousness is a powerful tool in this modern era.

Save money on expensive health and wellness visits by keeping yourself aligned and in-tune.

A sense of self-reliance so you are able to trust your own answers from within

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Self-Care is a Lifestyle

Since you’re here, there is a good chance you are dealing with some level of physical pain. Physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual dysfunction can leave you feeling lousy in your own skin.

Developing a Myofascial Self-Care Practice Can Help...


Why? Because fascia is the vehicle that takes you to a deeper part of yourself. The place where healing occurs, where Greater communication happens, and where you store answers that you often look outside of yourself for.

A Myofascial Self-Care practice is the skill you need to navigate this modern world.

Learn Myofascial Self-Care,
Discover Yourself:

  • Develop and commit to a self-care routine based on Myofascial techniques and principles using balls, rollers, stretching and movement.
  • Deepen your mind/body awareness and strengthen your sensory skills through physical engagement of the meditative mind.
  • Develop the necessary confidence to treat your body in everyday, acute and chronic situations.
  • Understand the role fascia plays in the body and how it affects your health and vitality.
  • Deepen your inner relationship as you release and unlock parts of yourself that are essential to your healing, personal transformation, and self-discovery.
  • Weave together deeply held patterns, beliefs and long-stored trauma. Broaden your view of how ‘everything is connected’ while exploring your fascial system, aka connective tissue.
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Hey, I'm Renie! Soul-seeking, fascia-fanatic.

Trained in the John F. Barnes approach to Myofascial Release, with nearly  two decades of MFR under my hands, I have been educating clients about the significance of the fascial system through touch. I've spent the better part of the last 20 years helping folks feel into their body in a way that is essential for them to heal, transform, and explore soul growth.

Educating and helping clients through touch is one thing. Teaching folks the importance of fascial health through Myofasical self-care is taking empowerment to another stratosphere. 

The need for self-care is more essential than ever.  Body, mind and spirit, individually and collectively. We must heal our old wounds to create a life more meaningful and resonant in this new world.

Healing, self-discovery, and soul-growth by way of the fascial system… let’s do this!

~ Renie

From Those Who've Found Fascial Freedom...

I was at an MFR seminar when I heard Renie say to a room full of therapists, "If you ever have a chance to offer this kind of care for your clients, do it!" She was referring to the Myofascial self-care classes she offers. I knew in that moment, I would. I traveled to her classes each month because I wanted to learn enough to be able to offer this to my clients. Renie is able to describe the indescribable and allow you to have an experience that is all your own.

- Kim Fish    Bodywork Mentor, Bodywork Coaching Boutique

I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years. Between my career and 4 pregnancies, I am very body aware and understand how physical imbalances cause tension and pain. Renie's authentic values and clear instruction has taught me that I can take control of the tension and strain in my hips and pelvic floor. By utilizing Myofascial self-care techniques I can release tightness and restriction and create myofascial mobility.

- Dorienne L.   Owner, Salud Portland

I have been receiving and self practicing MFR for over a decade. Renie is one of the best MFR therapists I know! After years of hands-on treatment, I was skeptical of online instruction. But her guidance and insight has continued to help me immensely even online. Renie's experience and approach to Myofascial self-care has helped me stay healthy and active in many sports.

- Clancy C.   MFR Client

Enrolling in this course was easily the best decision this year. The perpetual quest to find the power outside of myself took a 180 degree turn. I am now armed with practical approaches to access power that was blocked or stuck. I highly recommend taking this journey to you.

Rich A.   Course Participant

So very glad to learn this technique! IT band issues are difficult and your explanation of how to come in slowly through the knee area is key to successful self treatment. Thanks!

Carol W.   Course Participant

I’m feeling so good! I feel like I can breathe deeper already. Great instruction. Thanks! 

Steven N.   Course Participant

Wow, I have TMJ problems and all of these techniques have been so helpful to loosen. I love all we are doing.

Lily V.   Course Participant

It’s close to midnight and I just finished your hip sequence again. I loved it- guided by your voice. Your course really has been a treasure for me.

Sarah S.  Course Participant

This program is incredible, Renie. Your explanations are perfect for patients as well as therapists who are really patients too. We can find our special Place, turn on our iPhone or tablet and do a session with you. I love that I can hit pause any time to continue longer if I need to. You really got me back into the saddle again and working. Thank you so much. 

Sherri S.  Course Participant

Fascia Lately

What's Inside the Myofascial Membership

There are 4 main phases inside the Fascia Lately Membership.

Each phase is designed to meet you where you’re at on your Myofascial Release journey. 

Just getting started?
Brand spanking new?
What’s a foam roller?
What exactly is fascia?

No worries, we start at that level of fascial understanding.

If you are an MFR therapist or have a considerable amount of fascial knowledge and know-how but are looking to level up your self-care game or increase your level of self-care commitment...

The different phases of Fascia Lately allow you to tap into the material that suits your current needs.

This experiential, detailed explanation, self-paced yet guided membership gives you access to plenty of self-care tips, tutorials, and flowing sequences to reduce physical pain and tension, connect with your body's wisdom, soothe a weary mind, and increase your body-mind awareness on your healing journey and your path of self-discovery.

Phase 1

Myofascial Self-Care 101

Membership Videos copy

New to Myofascial Release or creating a Myofascial self-care routine?  Phase 1 has you covered! Build a solid fascial foundation by learning a variety of simple, effective techniques, that address the whole body.

Inside Phase 1 you'll find:

  • A smooth entry to set yourself up for fascial success.
  • How to determine a routine that will best fit your schedule.
  • Discover how much time should you dedicate to your fascial practice.
  • How to 'take inventory' both on and off the mat to increase your body awareness.
  • Learn how to start each and every session so you never have to wonder how to begin.
  • TECHNIQUE FOCUS: Build a solid foundation with go-to techniques that are simple by design.

Phase 2

How the Fascial System Communicates


Prepare to get just sciency enough! For many, fascia is a mysterious and under-recognized system of the body. In Phase 2 we cover the basic concepts of fascial science as it relates to your self-care practice. This foundation will allow you to understand the importance of fascia and how it's affecting your health.

Inside Phase 2 you'll find:

  • Beautiful images of human living fascia so you can begin to visualize how fascia impacts how you feel in your skin. (All images of fascia used in this program are the work of Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau)
  • A colorful explanation of healthy fascia and the role fascial restrictions play in your body.
  • The reasons why time is so important in a Myofascial practice and how to use time to your advantage.
  • TECHNIQUE FOCUS: An introduction to the Psoas (hip flexors), plus techniques for the neck and upper body.

Phase 3

Going Deeper: Mastering Techniques


The technique-heavy lessons of Phase 3 allow you to upgrade your technical skills while focusing on the areas of your body that could use the most attention. In other words, deepen your practice and master techniques that are designed to focus on your specific problem areas.

Inside Phase 3 you'll find:

  • In-depth technique tutorials for the Hips, Neck, Low Back, and Shoulders.
  • The importance of treating the whole body, and why you can't just focus where it hurts!
  • Why EXPLORING helps you increase your confidence in your Myofascial know-how.
  • Flow sequence lessons that focus on specific areas of the body.
  • TECHNIQUE FOCUS: Deepening your practice through lessons designed to address your problem areas.

Phase 4

Unlock Your Body's Wisdom


Fine-tune, go deeper and get in touch with deep layers of restriction that you've carried for a long time. Physical and habitual holding patterns, past traumas, and old wounds are often chronically held in the body. Chronic issues are often tightly held and more resistant to change. A combination of introspection and technique will encourage you to explore the deeper held wounds in the body.

Inside Phase 4 you'll find:

  • An invitation to deepen your body awareness as you become more confident with the techniques.
  • A look into past injuries and trauma and recognize how those old wounds may still affect your body and health.
  • The ability to recognize different sensations the fascial system generates. And how to navigate how your body communicates through sensation.
  • The confidence to know how to begin a self-care session based on your body's needs.
  • TECHNIQUE FOCUS: Increase your body awareness and the mind-body connection.

The Benefits of a MEMBERSHIP

The Fascia Lately Membership is designed to meet your current needs. Like, day by day. Whether you are building a fascial foundation, have a specific area of the body that woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you need a refresher, or want to try something new... 

The Membership is Designed for YOU!

Inside You'll Receive:

A monthly pre-recorded Featured Lesson.

Weekly emails with tips, encouragement, and support.

Quarterly live ON THE MAT sessions.

This lessons in this membership DO REQUIRE a foam roller and two air-filled, inflatable balls to access the fascial system. You can watch this short video to see the suggested tools.

You will have access to all membership materials as long as you are an active member. The material is not downloadable, rather it is accessible as long as your membership is active.


Special Access BONUSES

Included in your membership!

Copy of Tan and Grey Minimalism DIY Influencer YouTube Thumbnail Set
Copy of Courses FINAL (YouTube Thumbnail)

Inside your membership, you'll also have access to two additional mini-courses:

  • Myofascial Self-Care BASICS ($67 value)
  • Myofascial HIPS ($97 value)

Both of these courses offer valuable ON THE MAT lessons and insights for your self-care practice.

Yours, with the price of admission!

Can we be straight up for a minute?

  • Creating noticable change to your fascial system WILL require commitment. Plan to dedicate a minimum of one hour per week in order to see results.
  • The decision to say yes to yourself is a choice that comes from your own guidance and need.
  • Self-reliance and self-discovery is essential on a healing journey. Committing to Myofascial Self-Care is a powerful tool in this modern world.

Commonly Asked Questions

Have more questions? Don't hesitate to reach out: [email protected]


Healing and Self-Discovery are very personal, but you don't have to go it alone!

Fascia Lately

Your commitment to tend to your fascial health and embark on a self-discovery mission is not to be taken lightly. 

Through nearly 2 decades of fascial exploration, the John Barnes approach to Myofascial Release has transformed my life personally and professionally. I have clearly learned the role of teacher, mentor, and therapist is not one of hierarchy but rather one of great privilege and mutual discovery.

The principles of healing, soul-growth, and Myofascial Release are interwoven into the natural world. Building a sustainable Myofascial self-care practice is a thrilling exploration that can shift your outlook towards new possibilities. 

If you’re committed, I am right there with you! Hope to see you inside the Fascia Lately Membership!

~ Renie