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More Food Than Fascia

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this Public Service Announcement

Here at StillPointMFR, it's all about the Fascia. From introducing folks to their fascial system to educating about fascia. From identifying restrictions within the fascial system to releasing these restrictions; to facilitating self-care treatment for one's own fascial health.  StillPoint Myofascial Release is your place for the John Barnes approach to MFR in its pure form. 

Today, I stray.

When I write these monthly blog post/newsletters, the theme usually stems from something I see in nature, in real time, and photograph. The writing is sparked from the image captured. And somehow tied into a message that can be related to MFR principles. Since myofascial principles are often replicated in nature, it can make for a relatable analogy or metaphor. 

But this month I keep coming back to this same theme. I've been hearing so many versions of the same topic from clients in the Yurt. And when something continuously repeats itself, in true MFR-principle form, it is necessary to give it a little attention.


Although I am no stranger to the idea of food as medicine, I am also not an expert. My only formal education on the subject is through The Parent University, majoring in Nursing A Really Sick Kid Back To Health. A crash course that absolutely changed my life, FOREVER!

The experience of my daughters health taking a serious nose dive literally overnight was one that came with countless lessons. One of which was a stark reality check into the food supply in this country. It came as information I will never be able to un-learn or turn a blind eye to. The Standard American Diet and the food supply it comes from is tainted, at best. (I would really prefer to say it is F'ed, but that wouldn't be very professional, so I'll stick with tainted).

Let's be honest, this can be a touchy subject that needs no preaching. Diet and nutrition is a very personal and vast topic. I'm not here to lecture, preach or give unsolicited advice but since this theme of food related conversations keep coming up, here goes...

Much of our food is not food, because it's loaded with chemicals. 

The presence of chemicals is either from the way the food has been grown or raised or the way it has been processed. Either way, these chemicals are ingested and can mess with your system. For some, it can mess with the system in a BIG way. (Insert the increasingly long list of many of the chronic or systemic diseases that are rampant in our culture today).

Our food supply has been altered. And unfortunately the oversight of this travesty is at the hands of those who don't have our health and well-being in mind. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Think, fox guarding the hen house.

In every MFR seminar I have ever taken, I hear the words, 'without awareness there is no choice'. There is so much to be aware of, even hyper-aware of, when it comes to food and how your system may be responding to it. 

I am acutely aware that this topic is enormous, usually overwhelming, highly individualized, often disregarded or met with short lived or failed attempts to make lasting changes. This is by design. 

(Big-Agriculture and Big-Pharma are more closely related than you may realize. Again, fox, hen house.) 

All of this to say... if you have found yourself contemplating your food choices, wondering if what you are eating is keeping you from feeling optimal, intuitively knowing your diet needs to be tweaked or overhauled, it may be worthwhile to delve in.

As you delve and sift through the mountains of information and all of the 'diets' in the spotlight these days, one place to start is by reading ingredient labels. And familiarizing yourself with the Dirty Dozen- the 12 fruits and veggies that are most highly treated with pesticides. Two simple tasks that offers a lot of insight! And if you are unsure as to whether you should cut carbs, go gluten free, vegan, raw, paleo, keto, do a cleanse, add supplements, do an elimination diet, see an allergist, a nutritionist, a health coach.... perhaps cutting out the chemicals is a viable place to start. 

Information is POWER!

Becoming aware of where chemicals are hidden in our foods (by way of GMOs, antibiotics or processing) and taking steps to avoid them, your system is sure to notice. It will feel the difference. 

We are living in a time when it is essential to be our own best, informed advocate. To be curious and even a little suspicious when it comes to how food relates to both health and dis-ease. Do some homework. Ask yourself honestly if your food is nourishing you. Intuitively, you know this answer. As living, breathing, conscious beings, we do well with living, vibrant foods.

And in the meantime...

Fascia still looooves to be released. 

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Our food supply and our health care system are two MAJOR fundamental systems on shaky foundation. Inform yourself, get ahead of the curve, know your body, eat real food, trust your gut, listen to the internal wisdom.

Hope to see you in the Yurt,

Renie Allen

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