Forward We Go (and for a laugh, watch the video)

Fact: Each month, I find myself putting off sending an email for fear of disappointing you. For not ‘being ready’ to get back to work. For not having a plan. For not being able to pivot on a dime.

For being afraid to say, ‘I think I am changing course’.


Wait, wait! Whaaat? Hear me out. Because, first of all, I need to hear me out here. (As I think to myself, what brilliance could possibly follow such a bold declaration?)

Last month I had shared that quarantine took me down some road where I hadn’t yet seen a viable exit. But since that last email, I began to see lights up ahead. Like driving a long, black stretch of highway in Kansas at 2 am and spotting a 24-hr truck stop just off the exit. Like, whew, made it… somewhere.

What I discovered after getting off this long stretch of dark road, is a chance to pivot. Something to keep me energized for the next leg of the trip.

You know, the trip where the world is going to sh!t and we’re all being asked to level up or else. That trip?

Leaving the analogy behind for a moment… what I have stumbled upon in the last month is a heavy-duty, online course, on how to make online courses.

There’s the pivot.

Maybe you remember me saying I’ve been putting in time and effort to make meaningful and relevant MFR self-care videos. Well, this online course gives that video project direction, clarity and momentum.

And that, is energizing!

for me.

Here’s where I get that pit in my stomach. That one that leads to worry of disappointment. While this overhaul of my business is full of opportunity, for me, it may leave you feeling, well, disappointed. Do I have to find another MFR therapist? Will you ever be back? Are you saying we’re, like, done? But, I like yoooouuuuuu!

I’m saying, I certainly hope we’re not done, I hope you follow along on this journey!! StillPointMFR will be moving forward in a different direction, for awhile anyway, as I give this digital MFR project my full and undivided attention.

This is where, as a savvy marketer I should spin the situation to lead you to believe it is going to be GREAT for you, too. But I’m not that savvy, so I’m gonna shoot for honest.

I am pulling away from 1:1 sessions. (Let’s just take a moment a pass the kleenex. Because that’s just a bummer.) And when you need some hands-on attention, let’s be honest, no ball, roller or video will replace that. I get it.

And yet, in the face of this ongoing pandemic, I am being called, fairly hard, to explore this new avenue that can most certainly reach loads more people to share the importance of MFR. (Still sniffling here, I haven’t forgotten the bomb that just dropped).

But StillPointMFR will indeed live on. Is this a temporary change in status? Will 1:1 sessions resume in the future? What about Group Therapy sessions? But what about my fascia???

(please refer to the first paragraph for some insight to these questions)

Head hangs… I don’t know. After I emerge from this cocoon and have some wings instead of 100 legs, and am no longer hanging upside down, I will be sure to fill us all in! ?

But as far as your fascia, I do indeed have plenty of tools, tips, tricks and education on how to start or deepen your self-care practice. I repeat, if you need any guidance on how to help yourself during this time: 207-232-1737. I mean that.

Before too long, I will have lots more info on how to really commit to your home regimen. We will be digging into this idea as time goes on. Because who can’t use some fascial releasing magic… on demand!

This decision has not come lightly or easily.

And, it hasn’t been pretty. Talk about an opportunity to explore negative self talk- just put on some tight clothes, get down on the ground, bend, move and roll; utilizing unfamiliar camera equipment and trying to learn on the fly; hoping to say something meaningful and relevant, during Covid when haircuts were hard to come by and my skin is erupting like a teenager.

All I can do at this point, is laugh at myself, and I hope you’ll laugh with me. At me, is fine too.

Have a look for yourself! Click here, so you can see how eloquent and confident I am in front of a camera. And of course the expert help from my lovely assistant. Talk about, aaaawkward!! Just keep in mind, it can only get better from here!


I value you and honor all of the years and tears that have built this StillPointMFR community. And we are not done. Join me for the ride??

All you need to do for now, is stay tuned. Or, I can’t believe I am saying this, but leave a comment on the video. haha! But I mean, I am trying to figure out how all this works…

In the certainty of these uncertain times, I wish for you and yours free moving fascia and the will to commit to your health and wellbeing.