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Giving Time The Time It Deserves

Reflection. Must be the time of year. The chill in the air, the short days, the twinkle of the lights, the meaning of the Spirit of the Season. The reminders of ‘how it used to be’. The reality that Time Passes. Nostalgic.

My mind lately, has been reflecting on the concept of time itself. The slow-boil agitation it can bring when you have too much of it. The jittery angst, when you don’t have enough. The satisfaction and the sweetness when there is just enough. And most curiously, the ability time has to shift things as it passes.

Question: What is your relationship with TIME? Too much? Never enough? Or, there when you need it?

The answer isn’t necessarily black and white, but is there an undercurrent in your relationship with time?

It dawned on me the other day (like, a-haHA!), I am actually IN relationship with time. Time and I, whew, we can be at odds with one another! Easily butting heads; not seeing eye to eye. I had been asking so much of it and its reply was always along the lines of, ‘What have you done for me lately?!’

So time, seems to be this recurring theme. Quite apropos of this time of year. Kind of like reflecting on the reflection. I had been asking and asking and asking to shift the way Time and I relate, and wouldnt’cha know… time does what it does- and it has changed things in its passing.

Schooled by Time- through circumstance, season and In Relationship with. Time is a great teacher and giver of many lessons. The magnificent transmuter. The subtle communicator. Ol’ Father Time.

One way to develop a mutual harmony with Time, is to give yourself some. By choice. By politely declining that what takes of your precious time. So you can honor it, harness it and deepen your relationship with Time.

Myofascial Release principles are rooted in Time. The body needs time to feel; time to heal; time to release; time to get clear as it sifts through sensation. Fascial restrictions need time (literally 3-5 minutes at least, of sustained pressure) for that which has solidified in the body, to go back to its natural fluidity.

The fascial system speaks the language of time, be sure to listen.

Taking time, actually takes practice! Especially as it relates to the body. In our fast paced society, it can be a little disruptive to our ‘normal’ pace when we slow down and take some time. Even a little chaotic and disorienting. And this becomes easier… with time.

Group Therapy offers you a chance to slow down. To feel into the body by taking your time. Time to stretch, compress, move and release. Time to clear your body of pressure that destabilizes your system. Time to find fluidity and ease. Time to calm and neutralize.

The self-treatment techniques that are explored in Group Therapy classes are designed to empower your personal healing ability and well-being. There is nothing more detrimental to your relationship with Time than a body that isn’t properly functioning. Because more often than not, when the body breaks down, TIME is not up for negotiation!

Chose to make some time… For You! Carve it out. Claim it. Time is there for the taking.

Group Therapy is on Tuesday Evenings at 5:30.
75 minutes/ $18

Also on the FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH at 10 am.
90 minutes/$20

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The Yurt is warm. The music is chill. The TIME is yours.
Wishing you the Magic of the Season, in all you do.