** disclaimer **
I have spent several days+ tweaking this post, where I normally write these newsletters in one sitting. This writing feels a tad heavy, but I guess that’s fitting, all things considered.

Having the inside scoop into people’s healing process is an honor and an eye-opener. It’s basically impossible to not observe patterns and similarities within each person. But it gets simply fascinating to observe kindred healing qualities amongst many.

There is a level of vulnerability needed to be seen and witnessed in the exchange between therapist and client. To allow yourself to explore the places Myofascial Release can take you requires a willingness to feel some of the darker places in both the body and the subconscious mind.

Buried memories, extraordinarily uncomfortable thoughts, and suffocated belief systems are a few ways in which the fascial system holds on to our emotional, mental, and physical wounds.

A few weeks ago, as the snow slid off the roof of the yurt, this cute little snow angel appeared (shown above). Looking out my bedroom window, what I noticed was arms up, SOS position, asking for help.

Asking for help is a LOADED act that leaves many people feeling some kind of way. It can be emotionally charged. It can range from awkward to intrusive, often leaving a sense of feeling burdensome.

Asking for help can also go unanswered.

And it’s a thing! Through the years, witnessing many’a healing process, it has shown itself time and again… the mark that is left around asking for help.

Have you ever had a nightmare when the bad guy was winning and you were desperately trying to scream for help yet no sound would come out?

That soundless, cry-for-help scenario is relived in the treatment room more than you’d probably expect. The implications around asking for help are visceral and primal. And have left a scar on many.

Or, you are begging and pleading and screaming for help, and yet none arrives. Different scenario, same wound.

Asking for help is a trauma we collectively know. It has a long-held energetic blueprint.

Needing to ask for help can bruise your ego, sure. But when you ask for help in order to survive, the outcome of that scenario will undoubtedl leave a lasting impression… well beyond your physical body.

If you’ve been paying attention to current events, you’ll have noticed an entire country pleading for help. Perhaps that’s touched a nerve in you too. We feel the collective fear and helplessness. It hits a primal wound so many of us carry.

Tend to your nervous system, your body, and your fascia. Help yourself as best you can, since outsourcing help can be tricky to come by these days.

Our similarities outweigh our differences.