If The Spirit Moves Ya, Let Me Groove Ya

Let’s get this going on! Shall we?

This feels like a big, phat FINALLY!!

This week marks the 3 year anniversary of the StillPoint Yurt. That little round tent has been so good to us, hasn’t it? There have been so many powerful shifts, personal growth and releases. Plenty of laughs and cries. Epiphanies. Clarity. Straight up pain. Physical chaos. Crippling loss. Barriers shattered. Minds opened. Body freedom. Time warps. Even some time travel. Space held. Ah-ha moments. And endless mutual appreciation.

The Yurt has also given life to Group Therapy. The small-group classes where we explore self-care as it relates to all things Fascia. On the outside, Group Therapy looks like time spent on a mat with foam rollers and balls, utilized by a small group of people and facilitated by yours truly. Basically, yes. But that is without factoring in the magic that happens.

And the magic does happen. Transformation occurs. Bit by bit, the internal exploration gets deeper as the class settles in. And suddenly the energy in the Yurt takes on a completely different vibe.

The techniques offer sensation. The Fascia is engaged. And the music speaks.

Music has always had a way of reaching me. It reminds and reminisces. It relates and it’s dreamy. The rhythm and the beat. The story it tells. The hope it gives. The feeling it relays. It can reach us viscerally. Taking you on a ride.

Now for the FINALLY!!

Making mixed tapes has been something I’ve done since the days of holding the boom box up to the stereo speakers and hitting record. Fast forward and rewind, fast forward and rewind. Hoping the background noise stays quiet. Then writing the songs into the cassette type sleeve. Use the little stickers to title the tape. Ha, did you ever wait so patiently for a song to come on the radio and hope to record it just as it started? Ah man, that was SUCH a victory!

Thankfully, these days, it’s slightly more advanced. I mean seriously, music is at our fingertips. AND we can share it…. So I am 🙂

Introducing StillPointMFR on Spotify  (again, victory!)

Click the video player above to hear a sampling of a playlist.

It’s good to know that each Group Therapy class is structured with its own playlist and an accompanying sequence of techniques. These classes will resume in the Yurt  in October!

Group Therapy will soon kick off its First Saturday of the Month:
October 6 at 10 am.
90 min/ $20

*It is strongly suggested that you sign up ASAP if you want to reserve a spot, as this class is already nearing capacity.*

The weekly classes will resume in the Yurt:
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17 at 5:30 pm
75 min/ $18

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And if you’d like to hear more than just a sample of music, be sure to click profile link below to follow StillPointMFR on Spotify. And as you sit to have a listen, be sure to grab a foam roller or ball. Be ready to stretch and release. Use it as your time.

** please note, you will need a Spotify account to access any music. The sign in or sign up should be very self-explanatory. And you can create an account for FREE **

Hope to see you in the Yurt and as a new follower on Spotify!

Listen and release,