I’m OK, everything’s OK…

Have you ever received a message from a friend with a preemptive disclaimer, "I'm ok, everything's ok, but..."

You slightly brace knowing you're about to get some scoop. What happened? Who's hurt? What do you need?

As a small business owner and the face of StillPoint Myofascial Release, my personal life is never too far from my professional world. I’m a one-woman show from therapist to instructor, to online content creator, to mom and life on the other side of the driveway.

In this fickle online world, one thing that dominates is consistency.

Whether you've noticed or not, I have not been consistent.

Consider this my, "I'm OK, everything's OK" email.

While I'm smiling now and everything is OK, this summer felt nothing short of a bluesy country song. Heavy on the twang with some raspy notes of heartache and despair. Sounds very dramatic, I know.

In short, my little family of two ol' dogs and one newly graduated kid was separating. One pooch passed on Memorial Day and my daughter flew the coop from Maine to Hawaii over Labor Day.

It's amazing how one teeny sentence can sum up a whole lot of change. And yet, the space in between those words holds a massive transition.

My mom-job is forever changed. And the amount of tears I've cried in anticipation of it all was ridiculous!

There was literally no more room in my body for any more emotion; the release valve was salty tears.

But as I sit now, on the other side, kid-free, I'm not gonna lie... I kind of like it!

After all of the anticipation, preparation, and separation the body definitely has some reorganizing and recalibrating to do! It's as if the fascial system is sticking riiiight between holding on and letting go.

Staying true to form, a Myofascial tune-up is in order!

Because the fascial system is the key to helping you process emotion through your physical body; releasing fascial restrictions helps assimilate change and keeps the emotional waves moving so you are less likely to ruminate.

It may take time, but in the long run, tending to the body as you navigate transitions is only for your benefit.

Perhaps you could use some guidance and support when it comes to prioritizing your fascial health?

To commemorate the end of solo parenting as I know it, the Myofascial BASICS and Myofascial HIPS video series are on sale this week! Use coupon code EMPTYNEST to purchase Myofascial HIPS and get the BASICS course for free!

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When life gets big, you've got to feel your way through. It keeps the body and mind aligned. But in order to successfully navigate the big deal moments, it's best to practice with the small stuff.

Get started today, so your future self has a practice you can rely on!