I’m So Jacked Up

This past Sunday we had a Myofascial Stretch session in the Yurt.

An old friend and MFR colleague who I hadn’t seen in quite some time had registered to come.

People were beginning to arrive. I saw her pull into the driveway and gave her a big wave. When she came in we exchanged an excitable, How are you!?

Her answer was not surprising. It’s how a lot of people show up to the Yurt.

“I’m so f’ed up! she says.” I looked at her, nodded, and replied, “Well, come on in.”

In that moment, the story didn’t matter.

Her body had been holding the brunt of whatever situation was unfolding in her life. And she felt it.

Was she in pain? Sure.

But she didn’t come to class for the reasons one may take an Advil. Pain relief wasn’t the qualifier, instead, to smooth out the rough edges of feeling jacked up. To minimize the internal chaos that stems from an external situation.

To regain a sense of well-being.

Did my friend want to feel better in her body? YES, of course!

And that meant she needed to be open to feeling. Which is very different than a narrow reason of strictly getting rid of pain.

((Take a moment and see if you understand the subtle difference.))

When you tend to and care for your body, without an agenda, you are more receptive to feeling. The ability to therapeutically feel the sensations that your body conveys supports your sense of well-being.

Myofascial self-care teaches you to feel… deeply. The sensations you experience can be direct or subtle. You are able to feel your pain therapeutically. And you’re equally able to feel the release.

Are you Fascia-Curious?

Be sure to check out Fascia Lately on YouTube to help you learn more about the importance of fascial health, self-care tutorials, and lessons on the mat.

Because tending to your fascial health is essential for your well-being.