Inner Authority

It’s that time of year here in Maine when the itch to open the windows and get outside is so real. To run free from the confines of winter boots and ice cleats is something I long for every single March. Taking that first bike ride of the season surrounded by remnants of dirty snow banks and sandy roads. 40 degrees never feels so good as it does in March in Maine.

The trusty expectations of the weather was all there was to rely on this past year as we were immersed in the disorienting nature of a world masked upside down. And even that wasn’t always a guarantee.

It’s just about one year later and what a relief to still have to consider mud boots or ice cleats when heading out to the woods. Because, normalcy.

Do you find yourself reflecting on the fact that collectively we have hit this one year mark of global chaos? I don’t know about you, but the daily occurrence of head scratching, wtf-ness has increased tremendously even from an already high standard last year at this time.

The level of crazy is still on the rise. And I’m leaning towards the idea that life as we currently know it is traumatic.

Yes, sure there are the silver linings. Uh-huh. I get the need for positivity. And it is genuinely there. But at the end of the day, this shiz is nutsIt’s important not to lose sight of how abnormal our normal has become.

If we try to fool ourselves by packaging these times into a box of life-as-it-used-to-be, wrapped in a pretty little mask, we’re on the road to further dysfunction. There is a level of internal reconciliation that just doesn’t add up. And your soul knows it.

The jury is still out on whether humanity is evolving or devolving but until time, circumstance and our collective choices unravel, dang it, we need to listen.

Listen to what? To who?

… yourself.

The inner authority is begging to be heard. To be heard over the fear, lies, chaos, division, ego and even over your pain.

There is a quiet whisper that lives beneath (or above. Maybe let’s just say outside of) all of the noise. The whisper of your inner authority knows your next step even when there is no clear path. It’s high time to deepen that conversation with the whispers otherwise your inner authority will just become part of the indiscernible noise.

When you get quiet, what do you hear?

Here’s to trusting your inner voice,