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“I’ve Never Heard of That!!” … Myofascial Release, Yurts and More

As a Myofascial Release Therapist, I had learned early on that, ‘I’ve never heard of that’would be a common response when talking about what it is that I do for a living.  And I have since collected different variations of the soon-to-follow question, ‘So, what is that exactly?’I have learned that there is

StillPoint MFR Myofascial Release patient no one-stop-shop answer for explaining the intricacies of Myofascial Release.  For some, its all we can do to get the pronunciation correct.  For others, their eyes light up in pure fascination.  And, of course, many other curious responses ranging anywhere in between.

When talking with folks about what Myofascial Release (MFR) is, especially if the question arises in a far-from-holistic or bodywork related context, peoples eyes can glaze over in an instant.  We are all in very different relationships with our body.  And so the questions need to be answered accordingly.

I understand, for many, the mere thought of an uninterrupted, continuous web in our body that is a connective pathway for literally EVERY structure, system and cell in our body can be a bit much to take in…. ESPECIALLY, when it is coupled with the realization that they, indeed, have NEVER heard of it!  The internal lights flicker between wondering what the hell I am talking about and why haven’t they ever heard of Fascia before this moment.

I have come to enjoy the professional challenge to be able to truly ‘land’ an answer in a way that the person I am talking with actually understands.  It’s taken some practice, but thankfully, I have gotten pretty keen with being able to address, ‘I’ve never heard of that!’ as it relates to Myofascial Release.

So, I’ve decided to take the challenge to a new level ….

It’s really not my objective to be so ambiguous in my professional life, but here we go again, in needing to negotiate how to respond to, ‘I’ve never heard of that’… in a whole new way!

You see, I am putting up a Yurt on my property.Unknown-1

Go ahead…. you can say it… ‘A WHAT?’

A yurt.  It’s called a YURT.  Are you familiar?’

This is the moment of eye glaze or glimmer.

A yurt… basically, it’s a round, dome, tent-like structure.

And I’m learning quickly, when I see the glaze in the eyes of potential contractors , it’s not usually a great sign.  Even those in building trades are not that familiar.  A yurt is a non-traditional structure for sure!

I have gotten more than one head-scratching, cock-eyed look as they process I am looking to move my business into a tent… IN MAINE!

It all sounds kind of off the wall, even to me at times.  But I am getting very used to the idea, as I have been living, breathing and sleeping yurt construction for several months now.

Let me tell ya, I am getting totally schooled in understanding what it takes to blend the ancient nomadic architecture with all of the modern amenities.  Thankfully there are companies who actually make yurts and I don’t have to rely on the more traditional Mongolian practice of covering my tent in felt made from wool that comes from my flock of sheep (that I don’t have).  Because if that were the case, I’d have given up long ago!

Thinking back, I can’t really recall the instant the idea of a yurt came into my mind.  It was more realizing the idea had simply been there and researching yurts was just, like, happening.  This has been a dream and vision for a good 3+ years now.  A dream that has ebbed and flowed in terms of its possibility and reality.  It has neared its way to the top of the priority list but hadn’t ever actually made it until now.  Life happens, as you know.  Things take precedence.

And now, after many false starts, big dreams and intense manifestation, it appears the yurt has made it to the top of the priority list!  Good God Almighty!

Excavators, plumbers, heating systems, electricians… oh my!

I am knee deep!  Schooled…. DAILY.  It will all be so incredibly worth it. I cannot wait to see this vision and dream come alive.

For those of you who I am honored to call Clients, you are all a part of this dream.  This vision.  This manifestation.  You fill my days with magic and the curiosity of what is possible.

StillPoint Myofascial Release is in one of its most exciting iterations to date.  You will want to stay tuned for updates.  Come along for the ride.  Before too long, we may very well be Releasing in the Round!!