Just Breathe

Dangit! Do you ever catch yourself? You're going about, doing your thing. Or doing nothing. And you realize, you're essentially holding your breath! Breathing just deep enough to stay afloat. The air barely expands your chest, let alone fills your diaphragm or reaches your belly. We think of breathing as a bodily function that happens automatically, but all too often when we are on autopilot, we are depriving ourselves of some much needed oxygen. 

So, just for good measure... let's just pause a minute and take a big 'ol belly breath and a looooong, slow exhale.

It's such an anxiety provoking habit, not fully breathing. A few slow, deep breaths can bring a change of perspective in an instant. It's soothing, grounding and calms the nervous system. 

Consider this. When a simple, automatic function such as breathing can suffer due to lack of awareness, just imagine how some of the other areas in the body can experience neglect when it doesn't reach our radar.

Take, for example, fascial restrictions, tight muscles or physical dis-ease. All of which could offer you some less-than-optimal symptom to deal with. Chances are, once into 'symptom territory', that area of the body has been trying to communicate for quite some time. To overcome long held patterns or acute dysfunction in your body, it can require a great deal of awareness.

Keeping a nuanced, subtle, constant finger on the pulse of internal reorganization.

Let it be known, without question, the intricate workings of our internal landscape can out maneuver our busy, distracted,  exhausted, fast-paced external world with great ease. If we gave our inner world a fraction of what is given to that over-stimulated, external world...  it's quite possible humanity would be in a different place.

If you want your body to shift, change or heal- you MUST be persistent in leading the charge! You don't wait for the change to happen, you make it happen. Even when you feel like nothing is happening. That, actually, is the most important time to stay with it. To keep offering pathways to shift, nudging into softness, encouraging lightness, nourishing release.

Otherwise, the default of tightness, dysfunction, and funky or annoying symptoms will likely persist.

One of best ways to establish open communication channels within your physical body is consistent engagement of the fascial system. For many, that concept is unfamiliar. It is one that is best felt through experience. 

We dive deep into engaging the fascial system weekly on Wednesday's and once monthly on the First Saturday of each Month. These small group, self-care sessions are rooted in Myofascial Release principles. They are designed to help you help yourself. 

Weekly Wednesday Evening
5:30-6:45 pm  $18

First Saturday of the Month
Saturday, March 7, 2020
10-11:30 am  $20

As the world around us makes massive shifts, one way we can assimilate the change is to meet it within our own physical body.  At times like these, we are ALL accountable.

Hope to see you in the Yurt,

Renie Allen

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Wednesday Evenings

$18 / session

  • 5:30-6:45pm
First Saturday of the Month

$20 / session

  • 10am-11:30am

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