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Knowing Where You Want to Go…

Knowing where you want to go, is different than TAKING yourself there.

We are in some times! Some interesting times, some fast moving times, some uncertain times, some pivotal times, some changing times, some astrologically powerful times (if you're into that kind of thing), some unhealthy times, some exciting times, some straight up crazy times.

I can't lie, my head spins at least some part of most days, lately. And there has to be a high level of self-accountability to take steps to minimize the spin. I'm ok with that. One thing I have come to accept is holding myself accountable. Which, as a small part of this big collective world we live in, is the least we can do, right? Hold ourselves accountable- even when no one is looking.

Because what we do to ourselves, for ourselves, will undoubtably ripple back to the whole. And the collective whole could sure use some positive reinforcement and nourishing.

Having been immersed in the world of Fascia, aka Connective Tissue, where the belief and theory that 'everything is connected' runs through the very core of this work, it has become almost impossible to compartmentalize that view point. After witnessing, time and again, the depths of connection, both internally and outward, it is undeniable that our thoughts and actions do ripple and reverberate, affecting more than just ourself.

In all of these fast moving, ever changing times, it seems more important than ever to make your thoughts and actions deliberate. Choosing to fly manually instead of on autopilot. Conscious decisions based on acute awareness. It has been made clear that we are living in a time when a light can be shined where it's least expected. And sudden transparency can have ramifications.

Applying this to every day life translates into knowing how you want to feel in your body, how you want to make a living, what you want to learn about, what creative endeavors have been calling to you, how you want to raise your kids, the ways you want to change your diet, etc... AND taking the action steps to get you there. Consistently.

Whatever theme in your life is currently asking for your attention (I know the 'big ticket items' in my life right now that will be the focus for the next little while) acknowledge it and give it the attention it wants. If something major in your life is vying for your cooperation, it is for a reason. And if we chose to keep those things in the dark or repressed, eventually the light will shine on that issue or situation. And that sudden transparency can be unforgiving.

It feels like the roadmap is being rewritten. Collectively, things are in the midst of change. And it's imperative to take care of ourSELF. Drive your own bus, care deeply for your own body, make choices consciously for your highest good, keep the internal dialogue open, trust your gut and follow your nudges.

Take the necessary action to get yourself where you want to go.

Action steps in the form of self-care can be some of the most valuable steps taken.

Hope to see you in the Yurt,

Renie Allen

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