Life, On Repeat

The first snowfall. And Mother Nature wasn’t messing around with a little flurry foreshadowing. No pre-game show. Just, boom! Winter. 

The cyclical nature of the seasons is such a pointed metaphor of how Life is on repeat. The way we move in and out of timeframes and storylines. The sameness of the repetition can be mundanely comforting.  

It is always so curious, the patterns. The similar situations we are presented with. The new, but ‘familiar’ people we meet. The repeated lessons we are given until we get it right… We do it again and again, looking to further succeed the next time around. Yet, sometimes uncertain when the flavor can be tainted from past missteps. How do we access different information when we can easily be pulled back down into a mindset of second guessing, failure or impasse? When Life gives us a re-do, how do we do without regression?

Reiterate, without the RE.

When we are presented with a similar situation as a chance to get the lesson on a deeper level, how do we get closer to the desired outcome without falling into the pitfalls of previous patterns?

Check in with the Body.

Check in with what is familiar. With what is chronic. With what always grabs your attention. With your physical habits. With your movement patterns. Recognizing that which is easily accessible, even if it is a point of pain or dysfunction. And then shifting your attention to something different. Allowing yourself to tap into the unfamiliar internal landscape, as a way to do things differently.

Broadening your mindset with something as tangible as physical awareness is an asset in this cyclical life we lead. The physical body is ALWAYS part of our internal conversation. Sometimes it screams, this we know. But if you lean in to hear what is being whispered, so often it is worth the effort! 

At StillPointMFR, we are Leaning In. THIS SATURDAY, December 1 at 10 am. Join us! Class is 90 min/ $20.


The First Saturday of each month, there is a chance to gather, in a small group setting, with foam rollers and balls. And a chill playlist that is meant to inspire a deep internal conversation. We do this in the Yurt, on comfy mats with the opportunity to explore. The fascial system is engaged and the sensation is heightened. The setting is right to hear what is being whispered. 

All you need to bring is You…. as is. (Ok, and maybe a water bottle). The rest just happens.

As a reminder, Group Therapy classes are held weekly on Wednesday’s at 5:30 pm. Class is 75 minutes/ $18. This is a great way to gain knowledge of Myofascial Self-Treatment. Learn techniques and get your questions answered. 

Registration for all Group Therapy classes is required due to limited space. Follow the link above or simply call or text me and let me know you are coming! 207-232-1737.

On the tail end of this Thanksgiving weekend, extend that gratitude inward. You so deserve it!

Hope to see you in the Yurt.