Lost by Coldplay


(Artwork compliments: Coldplay Lost!)

LOST! Time warps. Focus narrows. Adrenaline kicks in. The world of Lost becomes all-consuming. Searching, strategizing, worrying, hoping, praying and riding the waves of fear. All of which varies depending on the significance of what it is missing. 

You know the feeling. Whether you're lost in unfamiliar territory on your travels, you've lost a precious item, you've lost your kid in the mall... or your dog, who jumps out of the car during a thunderstorm while you are on vacation.

Panic! Immediate panic. It's a total scene. That quickly turns into a vacation-gone-wrong. My sensitive, 10 yr old, rescue dog, Isis (goddess, not terrorist), did just that. Clawed her way out of my car during a thunderstorm while we were on a beach vacation.

SPOILER ALERT: The story has a happy ending. Isis is currently laying on the couch as I type, but damn, that was a doozy!

6 highly intense days and nights of my pup gone missing. In unfamiliar territory. On my watch. While my mom, daughter and I are on a (highly anticipated) beach vacation. Fuuuuuuu...!!!

Isis has now been back home for one week. Nervous systems are beginning to settle. The combo of relief and disappointment (for missing out on LOST time!) is neutralizing. The desire to get back into a routine is oddly comforting. Maybe.

I was incredibly uncomfortable in the world of LOST. In that suspended place, trying to accept how this was playing out. I was so uncomfortable in the not-knowing, the waiting, the searching, that my mind dipped into LOSS over LOST. Dabbling with permission to give up, to grieve, to count her out.

For as shy and timid as Isis is, she is one tough, street-smart survivor. She was terribly abused in her early years, yet her heart is pure love and her spirit radiates. She has physical scars and mental quirks and a gentleness that acknowledges she knows I do, too.

It pained me to think of this sweet creature scared, alone and LOST. My only hope was for us to be looking for each other in the same place at the same time.

This was a really challenging experience for me. It hurt all involved. I said to my mom, that the Circumstance was playing hard ball and we lost! I thank my stars to have Isis home where she belongs- but, wow.

Next week, Autumn (my daughter) starts high school. Being home is soothing. Reeling back in after that massive shake-up. Dogs on their couch, food from the garden, fall schedules beginning to get organized. Catching up on domestication and looking at what lies ahead in the coming months provides some welcomed normalcy. (All things Virgo brings in a shift of energy, if you pay attention to astrology).

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Buckie and Isis

Isis was rescued from the marsh in Scarborough. 6 days after she escaped. She was in pretty impressive physical shape when we finally got to her. Her lips and nose took it the hardest- I'm thinking the combo of salt water, mosquitos and sun. She clearly found food on her expedition because she wasn't super skinny. And she was sooooo ready to go home!

The rescue itself was story of its own. After a call from the Harbor Master, we find Isis on an 'island' of sorts in the marsh off of Black Point Road (for you locals) in Scarborough. You could see her pouncing through the reeds from the busy road. When we get down to her we realize she is on the other side of the marshy river from where we can access. The current was running and the bank she was on was steep. The only choice was to go grab her. Off with the clothes and boots to cross the marshy river. Autumn and Buckie (her brother dog) watched and talked me through the shoulder-high water until Isis was safely in my arms. 

A 'vacation' none of us will ever forget!! It took so much love and support to go through this and bring Isis home safely. So many random acts of kindness in this ordeal. It restored my perception of humanity a bit! People being kind on behalf of an animal... it was a blessing in the storm.

But still, let's get back to normal, shall we!!

And those who helped first hand- my daughter, mom, friends, the strangers we met, Maine Lost Dog Recovery, the animal communicator, the Harbor Master, the guy who spotted her... I thank you for the group effort!

Hope to see you in the Yurt,

Renie Allen

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