StillPoint MFR night moon over the ocean

me, myself and i

No denying…. i got rattled this week. i find myself taking pause. And even though my iin this great big world, feels small; now more than ever, i feel the magnitude of the Collective.

Years ago, when I first began to realize I could/was tapping into an energy that was much greater than myself, my internal alarms were on high alert. Always on the lookout for the perfect balance of staying open to receive information from a Higher Source and shutting down in order to protect myself from overload.

Back then, the waves I rode were big. Grasping to learn subtlety and nuance in the midst of a hurricane. I had experienced enough to know, it was the subtle and nuanced happenings in my physical body that were helping to guide my direction, no matter the depth of chaos. It was then, I was given the proof to believe, my physical body is not just a transportation vessel in this life. It is one of the wiser parts of my Being that has incredible ties to the Higher part of Me… and Us.

i began to get a long, slow glimpse into the Connection of the Collective.

Where we find ourselves as a Country this week, plain and simple, is Divided. And, HIGHLY emotionally charged.

And that is big news to process. All of those feelings and emotions and realities that come out of this monumental, pivotal time –I guarantee you– are landing somewhere in your physical body.

Some of the emotion you may be experiencing can truly be yours to own. And some aspects of new a reality may not be affecting you directly, but you still feel it. You are tapping into the Collective. And Collective backwash can be hard to swallow.

An Emotionally-Charged, Divided Collective. Well, ain’t that a sh!tmotherfuc*er.

And so we go.

Where are the places in you that feel divided? Where are the places in you that are emotionally charged? Where are the places in you that have grown weary? Where are the places in you that shine light and hope?

We need to feel it all. Fully. It all has a physical expression that is dying to be heard. Don’t you hear it….. it’s SCREAMING. Inside and all around.

It’s Individual. It’s Collective. It is begging for attention.

We will be giving it attention on Tuesday evenings at 5:30. And Wednesday mornings at 11 am. Group Therapy. In the Yurt. $18. Mats, balls, foam rollers. All you need to bring is yourself. As is. Ready to feel.

When the energy and reality of the Collective manifests itself somewhere in your body…. meet it. Meet it, right in your Body. Recognizing the resistance. Softening that which has become hardened. Melting nagging tension. Releasing physical and emotional restriction. Soothe your Body and your Soul.

Take time for yourself…. the world is a little tender, no matter which side of the Divide you find yourself on. Every little i has a voice that wants to be heard.

Click on this link to sign up for a Group Therapy session. Heal Yourself, help the Collective.

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