Mind Your Energy

Fun fact: I am a huge astrology geek.

In 2007, I began following an in-depth, weekly astrological forecast. The author of this blog knew things. Not details necessarily, but rather anticipated themes. Her descriptions were broad and curiously accurate. She was able to articulate energy.

It was around this time I began to dive deep into Myofascial Release. I had a 2-year-old at home and was transitioning my massage practice into a full-time MFR practice. My marriage was getting a little shaky. And I could tell things were changing. I was changing.

For the first time in my life, I was consumed by energy.

I was hungry for things I couldn’t see or touch or even necessarily understand. I was mesmerized by what wasn’t.

Which, as a double Capricorn with a Taurus Moon (translation: I am VERY Earthbound, preferably quite grounded, with an appreciation for practicality and structure) I was in foreign territory. I much prefer a mountain to climb or some dirt to play in. And yet during this time the Universe was giving me some fog to shovel.

I bring this up because I feel like collectively we’re all shoveling a little fog these days. Things are disoriented, we are still changing, and structures are buckling under the weight of chaos.

And, if astrology continues to be eerily accurate, we ain’t done yet.

Navigating this past (almost) 2 years has left physical fatigue and mental meltdowns. And yet it seems our personal and collective energies are taking an even greater hit.

This is a time to TEND TO your own personal energy. Mind your vibe. Strengthen your intuition. Clean and organize your inner environment as the world continues to throw a fit.

A few ways to nurture your energy:

  • Don’t push it. Recognize when your body is asking for rest.
  • Spend time with animals, in nature, or alone for a reset.
  • Unplug or at the very least limit your news intake.
  • Meditate, light candles, journal, play some chill music.
  • Release your fascia.
  • Eat in a way that supports a sense of well-being.
  • Day dream, let your mind wander.
  • Ask your energy questions and allow the answers to surface.
  • Breathe with intention.
  • Play in your imagination.
  • Study your natal astrology chart.
  • Let your body move in an unfiltered manner. Unwind, literally.
  • Practice compassion. Pay it forward.
  • Do the thing you don’t want to do but really need to.
  • Commit to the change that’s been weighing you down.
  • Break the habit. Stop the cycle.

If you have been on a path of personal development, a healing journey, or a spiritual quest of any kind the above list is BASIC. And likely nothing new to you. But I may suggest this, knowing these practices and implementing them with regularity are two different things. Commit to a few that really calls to you.

In this continuing, current saga (which, at this point, seems to have mutated more times than the virus) the need for self-reliance and increased self-awareness is imperative. The very structure of humanity is devolving to evolve. Bring only the best parts of yourself into the new world.


PS- For those local to Maine: Due to a host of reasons both personal and business-related, in-person classes in the Yurt are on hold until further notice. I’ll be reconfiguring in-person offerings into something more intentional than weekly drop-in classes sometime in the new year.

PSS- Looking for a way to commit to your fascia, be sure to join Fascial Focus Community on facebook for weekly lessons and a library of videos you can follow along with!

PSSS- Do you know your rising, sun, and/or moon sign?