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Myofascial Stretch & Roll (Self-Treatment Classes)

Connect with your physical Body. Turn down the chatter in your Mind. Awaken your Spirit.

Connect with your physical Body. Turn down the chatter in your Mind. Awaken your Spirit.

StillPoint MFR at Salud Portland: Salud’s approach to fitness provides an opportunity to move, explore, and strenghten your body AND your body-mind connection. Salud encourages self-care and knows the value of healthy fascia. If you are looking for fitness, self-care, and exceptional community visit Salud Portland. And find me on the mat for Myofascial Stretch and Roll classes!

Imagine gaining confidence to rid your body of aches and pains, heal injury, ease your mind, release tension and increase your overall well-being. Myofascial Stretch & Roll does just that. Learn the Body’s innate language held in the Fascial System. Discover a fascinating side of yourself that you’ve been missing!

Myofascial Stretch & Roll at Salud Portland

Weekly on Tuesdays

Weekly on Thursdays
5:30 - 6:30 pm

Registration for these classes is directly through SALUD Portland. 

StillPointMFR at Salud Portland

$18 / drop-in

  • Tuesday 12:15 - 1:15 pm
  • Thursday 5:30 - 6:30 pm

What is Myofascial Stretch & Roll ?

Our Stretch & Roll class is…

  • An individual self-care practice, rooted in Myofascial principles, held in a group setting
  • A facilitated exploration of the fascial system
  • Comprised of using foam rollers, balls, stretching and movement
  • A chance to discover and release fascial restrictions
  • Experiential AND educational
  • A one-of-a-kind therapeutic experience that your body is sure to appreciate!

Myofascial Stretch & Roll sessions are rooted in Myofascial Release principles and aimed at self-discovery. It is an opportunity to gain or deepen your awareness of patterns that may be holding you back, producing pain or causing mental stagnation. It can be about relieving physical tension in your body or calming your mind by opening the restrictions that develop in the physical body. It is an exploration that is unique and individualized.

These classes are designed to meet you where you are. Whether you are an experienced foam roller or have always been intimidated to try; whether you have a healthy self-care routine or are looking for a place to begin, Myofascial Stretch & Roll  is sure to have something to offer you.

The Benefits of MFR Self-Care

The vision behind Myofascial Stretch & Roll comes from over a decade of experience learning Myofascial Release in a group setting. There is something about the power of gathering together, while holding a similar intention, that can offer a quantum effect to your healing process.

Unless you have experience with Myofascial Release, being able to recognize fascial restrictions in your body takes guidance and practice. Oftentimes, the sensations you feel when engaging the Fascial System are unfamiliar. Or you may not know what to look out for. This system of connective tissue has a distinct language and expression. The time and techniques offered in Myofascial Stretch & Roll  allow you to get familiar with how your fascial system communicates.

Myofascial Stretch & Roll is an invitation to start or deepen your self-care practice by utilizing Myofascial Release principles. Gain confidence in using tools such as balls and foam rollers which are great to aid in self-release. Learn to get a little creative with your stretching, which can enhance fascial freedom. Add some tricks and tips to your self-care toolbox, deepen your internal awareness and take the bore out of traditional stretching. This is authentic healing, taken into your own hands!

StillPoint Group Therapy Myofascial Release Class

What Topics Will We Learn/Explore in Myofascial Stretch & Roll ?

StillPoint Myofascial Release Classes Group Stretch Thearpy
  • Discover what fascial restrictions feel like in your body
  • Learn techniques to release these restrictions
  • Utilize foam rollers and balls to alleviate tension, pain and stiffness
  • Discover myofascial stretching to regain freedom and fluidity in your body
  • Benefit from a different class focus each week
  • Learn modifications to meet your specific needs  
  • Expand or develop your self-care practice with confidence
  • Examine your beliefs around pain or limited function present in your body.
  • Learn to decipher the messages your physical body sends you

I've never been in a class that is so adaptable for every person. Renie provides modifications to make the positions easier or more challenging, and her hands-on-help is amazing."

Kristen - Brunswick, Maine

What are Myofascial Self-Care Classes Like?

Stepping into the Yurt for a Myofascial Stretch & Roll session is YOUR TIME. Above all else, a Myofascial Stretch & Roll session is time that you dedicate to give your body some specialized attention.

Although this is an individualized experience, it is in a small-group setting. You are encouraged and welcome to show up AS-IS! Experienced or novice. Feeling fine or somewhat disheveled. Moving free or all jammed up. Your BodyMindSpirit, in whatever the current condition, will appreciate your efforts of simply walking through the door. Think, EXHALE.

The deep work that can transpire in a Myofascial Stretch & Roll session is somewhat magical. The energy of the class transforms as everyone begins to sink into their body. But there is an aim to keep things light-hearted. Those that gather for each class may have a common goal as it relates to opening the body, but each brings their own unique reasons and circumstance. Everyone has something to release!

If you come regularly, you will likely begin to see familiar faces. And you may get more comfortable with some common techniques. Your body can begin to recognize when a technique is going to offer a ‘sink in and chill out’ effect or if it is going to be somewhat therapeutically challenging. There are a few techniques that often elicit a collective moan and groan of deep sensation. The widespread therapeutic sensation felt throughout the Yurt lets you know you are not alone.

Although the basic structure of a Myofascial Stretch & Roll class is consistent, the focus, sequence and playlist differs each week. For example, the focus may vary from mostly upper body techniques or a lower body exploration. There may be more techniques on the foam roller in one class, and more balls and movement in another. Modifications are always available to meet your individual needs. And you are able to receive guidance and some ‘hands-on’ assistance for those hard to reach places.

The StillPoint Yurt has a distinct, unique feel. It was created with healing in mind. Come as you are—you will likely discover a few hidden treasures buried in your Fascial System.

StillPoint MFR Group Therapy Myofascial Release Class in yurt
Group Therapy Portland Maine holding hands stretch

What Should I Bring to a Myofascial Self-Care Class?

StillPoint MFR Myofascial Release Class in Yurt Maine

Myofascial Stretch & Roll is a self-care class. It is a unique stretching class done on mats on the floor. Dress in comfortable layers; think workout/yoga attire. All tools and mats are provided. Bring a water bottle. Perhaps bring a friend. Bring your questions. Bring your aches and pains. Your stiffness and tension. And maybe even your attitude if it needs adjusting 🙂

"This class allows me to unfurl. I often arrive feeling at some distance from myself...and through the power of presence, Renie's instruction and a great soundtrack, I leave feeling connected, spacious and more alive."

Laurie - Yarmouth, Maine

How Often Should I Attend?

Like all things rooted in self-care, commitment and consistency prove effective. Yet different people have different goals. Myofascial Stretch & Roll classes are a great way to enhance your one-on-one treatment sessions, bridging the gap between appointments. These classes are also very effective as your main source of Myofascial Release. They allow you to become more familiar with the 'unique voice' of your own Fascial System. The more you understand how your body responds to Fascial Work, the deeper the conversation you can have. Remember, tending to your BodyMindSpirit is one of the most important, yet underutilized, gifts you can give yourself.

If you have been meaning to get to that yoga class, make time to stretch, deal with a nagging, chronic physical issue, or just want to honor yourself: JOIN US for a unique and authentic self-care experience!

Renie Allen Myofascial Release
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