Next Exit: Uncharted Territory

Can I just write… I don’t freakin know. And call it good??

Dah! So, so much.

The unfolding of 2020 has taken my trusted, comfortable, well-worn Therapist Hat and is holding it hostage. Believe me when I say any magic that used to flow through my hands, is in some alchemical process at the moment and still unaccessible.

The way I’ve been explaining my COVID/quarantine experience is that it has led me (and StillPoint) down a road which seems to have very few exit ramps. Like my work in this alternate timeline isn’t yet done.

Which makes for tough logistical answers for those who are anxious to know when they can get back on the table. For that, I do apologize, because I don’t yet know.

To err on the side of caution between being too cryptic and sharing way too much personal blah, blah, blah let’s stick with what is important to you.

First and foremost, it is still incredibly important to regularly engage your fascial system for all the benefits of a healthy, adaptable and open body~mind~spirit as we continue to transform our world, inside and out.

Have you hugged your foam roller lately? (for at least 3-5 minutes)

Perhaps you have tapped into some other bodywork resources during this time to keep you upright and moving free. Good for you! But also please know, there is such value in your own self-care routine. Which is a tool you can utilize at anytime.

And if you have questions about how to engage your fascia, PLEASE ASK. 207-232-1737.

There is something about 2020 that speaks very clearly to self-reliance. That can show up for you in many ways. In fact, I think I have seen a lot of billboards on this exit-less road I am on…. 1-800-self-reliance, and I am beginning to get the message. But what it means for you will be unique and pertinent. What are some of your 2020 themes that are asking you to take a deeper responsibility?

Ugh, right?

But we must step up. This energy is NOT messing around. How we change with this changing world is serious business. With so much at stake. We are being asked to claim our inner authority, speak our truth and self-actualize. And that all takes time to adjust to and assimilate.

This raising your vibe stuff, isn’t easy.

Neither is living through a radically changing world.

Virtual Myofascial Stretch and Roll

Weekly on Wednesday 5:30 pm (EDT)

Both the Sunday and Monday online classes are on hold for now

I am looking to add an outdoor class during August and September. When/where still to be determined.

Follow StillPointMFR on Instagram to stay most up to date with class activity.

Last month, I mentioned working on a video project. And that is still quite front and center. Finding ways to put together relevant and meaningful content as it relates to MFR self-care. It is happening- although, in due time!

On this long stretch of road to God-knows-where, it’s like I am forever driving into the bright, bright, early-dawn sunrise where so much (too much) is being suddenly illuminated, leaving me blinded by the light.

Can you hand me my sunglasses? Oh, I’m already wearing them. ?

Keep doing YOU. The more meaningful you make it, the deeper that internal conversation will become.