Updated Website - Mandelbrot Set

The Next Iteration

The heartbeat of StillPoint Myofascial Release lives within those who show up for each session and class with a willingness to look inside of themselves to heal their body and open their mind. It is the courageous participation from those who walk through the door that continue to up the game of what StillPoint MFR has to offer. For without this willingness and participation, StillPoint MFR would not be operating at the high vibration that it does today.


It has been a growth process. One of vision and trust. Some expansion, some contraction. Lots of curiosity. And the winning ingredient- reciprocity. StillPoint MFR can only offer what is accepted by those who show up. And you SHOW UP! Thank You.


It is with so much enthusiasm to share with you the newly updated website of StillPoint Myofascial Release. Not only does it showcase the beauty of MFR, it also captures the true essence of StillPoint. It is a culmination of this fascinating, interconnected, magical mystery that has been my career for the last 15 years.


The opener of a Whitesnake song keeps coming to mind. “I don’t know where I’m going. But I sure know where I’ve been….” For this website project, having had to sit down and take a long look at the evolution of StillPoint, one thing is for sure, our work together fuels me. The realness that shows up each week in the yurt inspires me. And gives me strength to carry on.


As each of our Life’s Story unfolds, it lands somewhere in the body. By way of the fascial system, the body expresses this Story. Holding, processing, repeating, letting go. The patterns are ever present. The themes can be seen. The lines of resistance can be felt. Our patterns can guide us, illuminate what we need to look at and offer sensation into places we need to feel. Both in the Body and in our Life.


Myofascial Release is a unique experience for everyone. The meaning and sensations are as individual as it gets. Clients often share that they having difficulty explaining MFR to friends and family. New MFR therapists search for a way to articulate their new found passion. It’s because so much of Myofascial Release needs to be felt to be better understood.


This newly updated StillPoint website is an expression of what MFR means to me. It truly is my story. The images used throughout the website reflect a visual representation of MFR. The images from the table capture the beauty of receiving this work. The nature images are symbolic to me (I find many a relatable MFR message when I am out in nature). The classes show that through Self practice, MFR can bring healing into your own hands. The resources offer suggestions to further your MFR journey outside of StillPoint. I do hope you find it pleasing to look at and informative- either for yourself or to help someone you care about better understand Myofascial Release.


There are a few more announcements coming soon from inside the Yurt. For now, please know I am always humbled and honored to hold witness to the REAL LIFE that is brought; and to have seen the stories that have unfolded over the years. Ya know, sometimes its life and sometimes its LIFE!!! Either way, you are always welcomed to show up as-is and we go from there.


Thank you for the years of Inspiration and Courage. And for Showing Up!

Stay tuned for more to come (especially for those of you who enjoy the Spotify playlists that are made for the Group Therapy classes 🙂


In Gratitude,