Old Dog, New Tricks

If 2020 would've told me how it was going to take my intentionally built, reliable, 1:1 Myofascial Release practice, turn it on its head and morph it into something familiar but basically unrecognizable, I don't think I would've signed up for it.

Connection, touch, deep trust, and vulnerable intimacy in the name of healing... what an honor for that to be my life's work! It was part of my identity. It was sacred magic.

(Cue the fast forward button. And as you watch all of the scenes go flying by on the screen, know they are a story in and of itself. The voices are high-pitched and ineligible but they hold so much raw truth. It's the messy middle that carries life from Point A to Point B.)

My willingness to publicly share and process ALL that has gone down over the past 2 years lives with everyone else's covid story. We all have one. And yet I don't feel mine deserves any more air time than yours.

(Hitting pause on the fast forward to resume play.)

Current day reality at StillPointMFR, says you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks. Although I may never utter the words, I love technology, I have come to see its vast potential. And have invested in learning how to use technology to extend the reach of StillPointMFR far beyond my hands.

Two of the many things that are not going away anytime soon are the need for greater self-reliance and online learning.

To emphasize that point, I've been working overtime to pull together the parts of Myofascial Release that can survive and thrive outside of touch.

Drumroll please, for the latest creation out of StillPointMFR...

What is Your Body's Language? An online quiz.

My 20+ years of hands-on bodywork have led me to realize there are essentially 4 distinct languages from which the body speaks. This quiz breaks down those kind of body archetypes of those who seek this work.

The quiz is an easy way to learn a bit about yourself and how Myofascial self-care is an effective tool to tend to what ails you, wherever you find yourself on your life's journey.

Earlier this week, I did a light rollout of the quiz within Fascial Focus Community (the Facebook group) to make sure the tech was doing what it should (fingers crossed). Things are looking pretty good to go and folks see to be resonating with all the details on the inside.

There are so. many. things. I could say about the creation process of this quiz, but for now, that is all part of the messy middle that we have fast-forwarded through. I'll leave it at the learning curve is REAL.

Take the quiz. And be an old dog willing to learn new tricks. The body feels so much- and the feeling of accomplishment is one that is worthwhile.