On Track Or Derailed?

We may, in fact, already be off the rails. Or maybe we’re about to derail? Is it possible to derail further when we’re already overturned and bleeding?

This autumnal shot of parallel lines and symmetry kind of reminds me of a still frame in a fractal zoom.

Have you ever seen a fractal zoom in action? Google should offer you a fair selection of stimulating, creative brain-fuel options that can lead you to question reality as you know it. A good fractal zoom can take you into the depths of limitlessness. I find that mind expansion stuff to be a little disorienting in all the right ways. Way better than current events, anyway.

Limitlessness and expansion make me think of hope and possibility. I’m not gonna lie, somedays that is hard to come by. But by focusing on even the smallest thing that is in line with your vision for your own immediate world or for the greater world around you, sprinkled with some infinite possibility, shazamm, things just got a little brighter.

Like cranking the saturation in the photo above, it just makes things a little brighter.

In a world that is hurting, it can be tricky to focus on bright and vibrant in the midst of pain and confusion. That is its own kind of mind bender. But illuminating your own vision is crucial and deserves attention. Even if it’s shone only for you.

2020 has not only made us question reality but it’s also given us a chance to examine long-standing structures, norms, security, daily habits and routines as well as global issues. These big foundational rumblings are felt down to the most mundane level. Which lends itself nicely to making adjustments.

Where have you had to adjust the most this year? Which adjustments have had lasting effects? Have you had to adjust your mindset to adapt to your external changes? Have you had to adjust your external circumstance to meet your health, fears or beliefs?

Whether the catalyst drives more change to your inner or outer world, it still affects the whole.

If you’ve been following StillPointMFR these last several months, you are well aware of the the course correction. There has been no 1:1 client activity since March and no small group classes in the Yurt. Boo!

But there has been loads of stuff happening behind the scenes. The major upheaval has led to an exciting and dynamic opportunity for StillPointMFR to make self-Myofascial Release more accessible and widely available.

I’m thrilled to report, even with the major learning curve things are well under way and very much in process!

Weekly Wednesday Zoom sessions continue at 5:30 pm

StillPointMFR will soon be found on YouTube.

There is a very newly created private FaceBook group- which if you are interested in joining, you’ll be like one of the first at the party, but I’d love the company! On FaceBook, along with StillPoint Myofascial Release you can now join Fascial Focus Community which will be geared towards Myofascial self care.

The 6-week online course on self-Myofascial Release is making headway! Still on track for it to go live in January 2021.

And if you click on the image below, you can download a colorful, step by step, 6-technique and myofascial-mindset poster for you to reference. Please use it 🙂

Maybe the derailment of 2020 is a necessary state of chaos, confusion and adjustment to help us shift tracks. I’ve watched enough fractal zooms to know the territory can change on a dime. The colors and shapes may transform, but it is still a part of the whole. The limitless, infinite whole.

When you are on your mat with the roller and ball, remember to feel into the whole. You may just find new parts of you that are necessary to keep up with all of the change!

Miss the action in the Yurt, but for now we are right on track.

Free moving fascia doesn’t happen on its own.

On the mat with you,