What Is Your Body's Language

Are you stiff or creaky in your body, in pain, feeling angst, or noticeably stuck (in your body or in your life)? Take this 2-minute quiz to learn your body's language. And what FASCIA has to do with it!

Physical pain? Mental unease? Emotional distress? Spiritual stagnation? Just plain stiff or tense?

Your body is trying to get your attention!

What IS Your Body Trying To Tell You?

The body holds a unique type of wisdom that is not available to our thinking brain. But if we don't know how to interpret the body's way of communicating, it may feel like an unrecognizable language. Your quiz results will offer insight into what your body is trying to say when it communicates through pain, angst, emotional distress, or spiritual fatigue. 

Learn How Your Body Communicates

The fascial system is a 3-dimensional web of connective tissue that affects the body, mind, and spirit. Your quiz results will identify your dominant body language, highlight your body's strengths, and offer a pathway to deeper connection and authentic healing.

What Does FASCIA Have To Do With It?

Fascia is a 3-dimensional web of Connective Tissue found EVERYWHERE in the body. This magnificent, magical, and mysterious web is integral to connecting the body, mind, and spirit. A fascial perspective is essential to clearly understand your body's language.

These Aren't Your Average Quiz Results

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Get ready to look at your body from a different perspective... a fascial perspective!

If you are curious about how to live with less pain, less stiffness, and less tension. If you'd like to feel more connected to yourself and to those around you or you are on a self-seeking, soul-discovery quest, this quiz is for you!

Identify with one of 4 main fascial archetypes that will get you feeling better in your body, give you insights for self-discovery, and introduce techniques that will free your fascial system!


Fascial Knowledge Is Essential In Today's World

It's time we get out of our heads and into the body as we evolve through this modern world. The body, ESPECIALLY the fascial system holds the key to less pain, more connection, and inspired guidance.

Once you learn how your body is wired to respond and communicate, you can know how to better boost its resilience and deepen your mind-body connection.

Take a moment now. Ya, right now. Check in with yourself. Is your body asking for less tension, deeper relaxation, more connection, fewer aches and pains, less mental angst, and a chance to breathe...?

A Note From Renie~

IMG_7158 copy

Tending to our fascia should be the norm.

But it's not - mostly because we don't know what it is, or how to listen to this all-encompassing connective tissue.

After years (over 15 of 'em!) of tending to others' fascia in my 1:1 practice, I know how important it is to tune into our bodies and tend to them. I've seen the difference it makes firsthand!

The first step to being able to do this for yourself, is to understand your fascial archetype and the tendencies your body holds when it comes to reactions, stress and sending signals.

At a time when inner wisdom needs to be clear and direct, and listening to the body is non-negotiable, learning more about what makes yours tick is crucial!

Ready to learn more about your fascial system as if your health depends on it?

If you're in, I am all in with you! Let's do this.