Rule Breaker

I got reprimanded this week for breaking the rules.

At 49 and a half years old, as a solo mom (to both a human and 2 doggos), a solopreneur, and a solo homeowner, I'm not used to getting in trouble for breaking the rules. Basically, the rules in my immediate environment are mine. I set them. And if I need to break them, it's cool, I usually let myself slide.

But this week, I broke someone else's rules and received consequence. (Please know I am rolling my eyes so hard they may stick up into my head).

I didn't intentionally break any rules. I honestly thought I was within the safe zone. But the disciplinary consequences prove otherwise. Ah, well.

We all come from our own programming when it comes to rules, authority, and being reprimanded. Having gone to Catholic school for years, believe me when I say I have a strong opinion on the matter as a whole.

But here we are, well past Catholic schoolgirl days. And every part of this week's situation got me triggered. I was swinging hard between mad and a deep sense of WTF. And it was allllllllll felt and processed in the body.

All of it. Every emotion, every mind spin, every mental replay of every conversation. The interwind-ness of it. The irony. The disappointment. The icky, dirty realization of the truth of the matter and the way it was handled (by both sides). The body was both the receptor and processor of every aspect of this display of authority.

The whole breaking of the rules saga gave the physical and emotional parts of my being a MAJOR ride this week.

In times like these, with enough awareness, we are able to still find the ground even in the midst of chaos. We are able to recognize we are being triggered - and it is in that recognition where we have a fighting chance to respond to the situation as opposed to simply react.

The authoritative, play by the rules, be a good girl, and now apologize mentality is an old, outdated way of being.

And one sure-fire way to not get caught in the loop of this (or any) outdated paradigm you no longer wish to be a part of is.... clear that shiz out of your system!

Now is the time to act as if we are in a new world. Because we are.

Tending to your fascial system, learning your own internal language, in the quiet space of your mind away from the excessive outside noise is what will show you your next right steps.

With that, I'd like to invite you:

All Things Myofascial Self-Care is a comprehensive online course that is valuable for both the beginner and those more experienced with MFR.

The free, online workshop, Fascia and Your Body's Language, I had offered this week was like an appetizer to the main course. (If you missed it, you can watch the replay HERE).

The doors to this one-of-a-kind online course are now open!

We begin on May 1, 2022.

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  • Expert guidance, support, and accountability.
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We've moved into a new era of humanity. Let's be sure to clear out some of the heavy, worn out stuff that has no place in where we are now.

Join the group that is already gathering. It will be sweet, special, and even pivotal for the relationship you have with yourself.

And, as always, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly with any Q's. [email protected]