Self Care to Find Internal Light

Self-Care: 40 Days of Commitment

Lent was a big to-do as a kid, as I was raised Catholic. I was asked to give up something I really liked as a symbol of sacrifice, during the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Candy, ice cream, pizza. Or peanut M&M’s when I felt really ambitious. In my college days, I up’d the ante with myself and gave up stronger ‘recreational’ habits for 40 days. Not because I was feeling particularly saintly, but because I liked the challenge. (Sadly, yes, giving up certain party favors was a challenge… don’t judge).

The idea of commitment and challenge as it relates to Self has always been appealing. It feeds an internal drive. I find it satisfying to reach a certain level of accomplishment- even if no one else is watching. Perhaps it was my Catholic education that instilled this policing of my own actions and holding myself accountable… for better or worse.

Although not all of the Catholic roots are still intact today, I do appreciate the ‘container’ of the 40 days of Lent. To me it is still symbolic; the commitment and self-accountability is an undertaking that increases the internal vibe.

Several years back, as I was reshaping some of my childhood beliefs, I was resistant to ‘giving up’ as a symbolic sacrifice. Instead, I had considered the notion of ‘adding in’ for 40 days. And there it was. I was committing to 40 days of continued Self-Care. A symbol of feeding my BodyMindSpirit, not depriving it. And it was through the mere act of adding something positive into my life that seemed to generate a stronger mindset than taking something out ever did.

Little did I know, by committing to this process, I was planting the seeds of Group Therapy/ MFR Self-Care Classes. It was through dedication of  fascial self-treatment that brought me to understand its importance and benefit. Through the continued efforts of releasing restrictions, I was learning to navigate the profound sensation that can be experienced. I was tapping into the Healing Crisis that can emerge from such intense dedication to opening the system. And I began to appreciate the nuance of the Fascial Voice (the way the Fascial System communicates). Little did I know I was replacing old, worn out patterns with something much more hopeful! A true belief in myself.

We all hold parts of ‘our story’ internally. The body remembers. We hold and develop patterns. For many of us, that ‘holding’ is our default. We do it subconsciously, often without awareness. Our body adapts, reorganizes and stores ‘the story’. Often through pain, tension or unrelenting patterns. And when we offer ‘opening’ to the system… THAT is where the deep nourishment comes in. Spacious, internal freedom is SoulFood!

The biggest investment needed in Self-Care is willingness and time. Aren’t YOU worth such a commitment?

At StillPoint Myofascial Release, there is a dedication to helping those take healing into their own hands. I am forever humbled by the path to Self-Discovery that lives within.

Hope to see you in the Yurt,