Teenage Fascia

I’ve recruited my 17 yo daughter and her friend to help me with some new video projects. They are students of a New Media program at school where they spend half the day up to their elbows in technology – video, audio, photography, editing, etc.

Besides the simple fact that I’m Mom and my daughter, Autumn, is 17, this newly developed trio seems to be off to a decent start.

Autumn is well versed in fascia. (TMI side note: she was very newly conceived when I attended my first Myofascial Release seminar back in 2004. So she’s been feeling the effects of fascia since the womb.)

Not to mention she has seen the evolution of my fascia-based business her entire life.

But her friend has no fascia idea. Fair enough. Most adults are like, what the… fascia?

Here we are, day 1 in the Yurt. Cameras, mics, and teenagers. I try not to be too in charge or give off weird mom vibes. Both are nearly impossible, but I try.

Grace (the friend) is taking it all in stride. The yurt, fascia, the job description, the weird mom vibes, all of it. She asked very pertinent questions and gave a pleasantly experienced point of view.

As we were playing around with camera settings and different shots, Grace was willing to get on the mat and be guided through some Myofascial self-care techniques.

For a moment, the mood shifted. Grace was feeling her fascia for the first time. Although I’m not exactly sure, but some combination of a quiver from deep within and startling awareness had her immediately fighting back a few tears.

Fascia is POWERFUL stuff.

Grace allowed the sensations to move through her so graciously. And although it was new to her, her body somehow understood.

Fascial exploration requires some education. We all start somewhere. For many, myself included, that starting point is well into adulthood.

For Autumn and now Grace, they are lucky enough to glean some insight into their fascial system at an earlier age.

Teenage body awareness is a tool I WISH I had!!

Because when you know how to feel into your body, that innate wisdom can help guide you. In today’s modern world, teenagers need to rely on their inner guidance more than ever!

And yet it takes courage to feel what the body holds on to. No matter your age, letting the unfiltered fascial sensation run free through your body is one-part willingness and one-part trust.

To quote my new friend Grace during her first experience of an abdominal release, “I feel the F*&! out of that!”

Yes, indeed you do! And pay attention to every ounce of that sensation, it holds extraordinary wisdom.


Website updates, new offerings, and new videos are all in the works because, have you tended to your Fascia Lately?