The Pile Up by Renie Allen, StillPoint MFR

The Pile Up

One of the coolest things about The Fascial System, is you can address the Body in a broad perspective, while effecting many of the symptoms from seemingly ‘individual issues’. You know when there are soooo many nitty gritty things going on within the body and you feel like there is no way you can get to it all? For example: My neck won’t move, my heart aches, my knee is sore, my emotions are overwhelming… (Or fill in your own blanks to fit your situation). When the great web of Fascia begins to release and unwind, it has the power to relieve pressure through the entirety of the system– The BodyMindSpirit FASCIAL SYSTEM.

I’ve been reminded, (not so gently, I may add) these past few weeks about how things can Pile UP! The this, the that and the other. Coming from every FREAKIN’ direction. Work, school, kid, self, house, dog, physical, energetic, emotional, the Collective and let’s not forget, good ‘ol Mother Nature to drive the point home. Everything shifting, everything needing attention. F’n pile, man! It’s a PILE.

And there it is. This Pile Up, in all of its real life, physically-based, emotionally charged, task-oriented glory. With a need to be still (like, ‘horizontal-still’) and fully processed; in a polarizing fast moving yet painfully slow pace, all in the name of transition? I dunno. Surrender, perhaps. Surrendering to the transition? Sounds about right as I type this in the dark by computer and candle light. After a fast and furious wind storm has kept things quiet and dark.

An extended Time Out.
To just Be.
An excused absence.
Of the simplest kind.
Being taken care of,
In unforeseen ways.
Trusting in something,
Outside of myself.
As I sift through this pile,
Knowing at the bottom,
Will be a beautiful Summit.

All of that to say, THIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2017 IS THE FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTHGroup Therapy is in session at 10 am. Bring yourself, as is (and your pile if you’ve got one!) Ready to give attention to those places in your body (physical and otherwise) that are asking for it.

*class is 90 min/ $20*

Through a series of MFR techniques on balls and foam rollers, movement and stretching, we will spend some Quality Time on You. Sifting, stretching, releasing, processing, exploring. Along to a playlist that is meant to inspire.

Saturday Group Therapy class often reaches capacity. Please register to reserve your spot! It’s easy. Sign up below, or text me and let me know you are coming. 207-232-1737.



Can’t make it Saturday? We do this in the Yurt weekly, on Tuesday Evenings at 5:30 pm. (class is 75 min/ $18) It is an ongoing offering with the possibility to deepen or begin a self-care practice rooted in Myofascial Release principles. Join in! Gain some information about the language your Body speaks.

Hope to see you in the Yurt!