The Space Between

Bike rides and snow banks. Ice cleats or muck boots? Mud season in Maine… Mother Nature’s ‘Space Between’. Every time I’m outside these days, Dave Matthews Band immediately comes on the internal soundtrack. And although Dave is singing about the ‘space between’ as it relates to matters of the heart, it is worthy to consider the Space Between as the subtle place that may be vying for some attention.

In our external environment, the Space Between can feel like transition or change. That awkward and uncomfortable blend of closure while moving toward an unfamiliar new phase of life. Where neither the old or the new quite supersede the other. It is the merger, intersection and shared common parameters of the two that define this Space Between. (for some reason, TEENAGER keeps coming to mind).

Internally, the Space Between has been making headlines. Apparently, earlier this week, ‘a newly discovered human organ’, named the Interstitium, is making waves. One of my clients had asked me about it before I had ‘heard the news’. After a little head scratching while reading some articles I kept thinking I must be misunderstanding. This information is NOT new. John Barnes has been teaching about this fluid-filled space as part of the Fascial System for over 40 years! There is also an incredible series of videos and photographic description of human living fascia from a Dr. Guimberteau, who has been sharing his findings for over 15 years. And there are others. To clear some hype, this particular Space Between is fascinating, mysterious and  immensely important- yet YOU are ahead of modern science as you have already stumbled upon this ‘new’ organ every time you release your fascia!

Talk about an awkward moment that may lie ahead for modern science if they do get down and dirty with the ‘newly discovered Interstitium’. Brace yourself, we could be facing that moment where modern medicine has to look at Consciousness, Energy and an unprecedented, interconnected Communication Channel. Ummm, paradigm shift, anyone??

This is a vast, vast subject!! To say the least. The nitty gritty of scientific findings are often outside of my brain power. The visuals, however, fascinate me. And to actually FEEL that Space Between, you know the one… when your entire body begins to exhale; your structure softens; your mind quiets; you ride the line of presence and dreaming; your body communicates; you see flash images; you tap into a deep memory; sensations are captivating; you cross that imaginary line of being slightly different than you were just a moment ago. That Space Between wondering what is happening inside and just allowing your body to absorb it.

This Space Between IS asking for our attention. Clearly, with this surge of exposure, we might as well tune in and listen. Sometimes the Universe has to bang things over our head to get our attention… kinda thinking this is one of those times. Consider yourself ahead of the curve to have some understanding of Fascia and how to relate to it. How to listen to the messages your body is giving. And how to create a little Space Between to make things a bit more comfortable inside the ‘ol body.

At StillPoint Myofascial Release, we tap into this Space Between on the table and on the mat. And although this upcoming Saturday class is full, there is a cancellation list, because plans do change! If you’d like to be notified of any cancellations, please contact me directly. 207-232-1737.

This Saturday, April 7 at 10 am.

90 min/ $20



Saturday, May 5 at 10 am.

Saturday, June 2 at 10 am.


Tuesday Evening Classes will be resuming in the Yurt on April 17 at 5:30 pm.

(one week later than planned due to a snow make-up)

75 min/ $18


All mats and tools used in class are provided. 


Bring yourself, as you are. Bring your curiosity as it relates to your version of the Space Between. We will have the opportunity to make some internal space between vital structures in the body, relieving some undue pressure, releasing tension and unwinding fascial restrictions.
Hope to see you in the Yurt!