The Summer Wind Down

“Welcome Back!” That is exactly what I said to myself as I sat down to write this email. Which seems like a sure sign of having spent the summer months relatively unplugged. I also received a similar response from myself as I got on my mat with the foam roller the other day… “Hey stranger”, as my body sighed, in need of a nice long stretch session.

We all know what’s coming. No need to state the obvious here. The quick burst of Maine summer is, well, moving quickly. 

And we begin to pivot. 

Using these last few weeks of summer as a hinge on which an inevitable transition begins.

Our bodies feel this. The felt sense anticipation of seasons change. It may trigger tissue memory, habits or patterns. For some, there may even be a visceral response within their system as summer begins her descent. 

Take a moment to check in with yourself. How does the body do?? 

Was summer kind to you? Was it playful? Productive? Did you swim in the ocean? Did you see any loons? How were the fireworks? Hard scoop or soft serve? Did you eat any hot dogs? Go to a baseball game? Canoe down the river? Ride in a boat? Spend time with family? Raise hell with your friends? See any good concerts? Walk on the beach? How did your garden grow? Did you go for a bike ride? Catch a sunrise? Howl at the moon? Catch any fish? Skinny dip? Sleep under the stars? 

Is your body feeling summertimed?

As we begin to shift gears- through the seasons, with our schedules and commitments, and even in our mindset- engaging the body (especially the fascia) to help with the shift is incredibly valuable. Utilizing the body’s wisdom to navigate transition is paramount.

Group Therapy classes offered at StillPoint MFR are a sure fire way to tap into the internal wisdom housed within the Fascial System. Fascia is the vehicle that takes us to a deeper part of ourselves. The place where healing occurs, where ‘greater’ communication happens, where we store our answers that we often look outside of ourselves for. 

It’s amazing what some time, a foam roller, a couple of balls and an inspiring playlist can do. We access, engage, stretch and release the complex web of fascial tissue. Making more room in the body~mind~spirit. Feeding those places deep within that are craving attention.

This upcoming season of Group Therapy will kick off with a 5-week series through the Town of Cumberland! This is great news for the beginner or for anyone who is looking forward to getting back to regular self-care.

Tuesday Evenings from 5:30-6:45 pm
September 11 to October 9, 2018
Held at the West Cumberland Rec Hall

Looking ahead:
Regular classes will begin in the Yurt on Wednesday October 17, 2018
5:30- 6:45 pm

(please note: this regular weekly class will be held on Wednesdays this year)

The First Saturday of the Month class will resume on October 6, 2018
10-11:30 am.

Whether this summer wind down offers you a major transition or it is simply business as usual, take some time to check in with your body. Utilize its wisdom and support to enhance your overall well being. And if your self-care habits took on a different form over these summer months, the 5-week series being offered is a great way to reengage with your Fascial System. Join us!

In gratitude for the chance to unplug a bit and rejuvenate~

Welcoming back 🙂