The Yurt Doors Are Open


In my household transition is a recognized phenomenon.

Having raised a kid that goes between two homes with two very different parenting styles, transition is something that has been named and accepted as a way to honor the process of shifting gears.

Transitioning is like a whole mood. There can be a range of emotions expressed in the lead up of transition- like an anticipatory anxiety and a form of distancing or separation. And on the back end of the transition, there can be an attitude swing or a necessary period to re-acclimate.

In my home, the words, ‘I’m transitioning’, means I’m here, but I’m still adjusting to the contrast of what was in the very recent past.

In other words, transition is real!

And aren’t we (collectively) in it thick!?

I knew it when it started
Felt the shift right as it parted
So my feet cried down below me
Saw the whole room move around me
Saw my old life and my old friends
Saw the haunted, call me back again
~Maggie Rogers, Past Life (so good, put it on repeat!)

All around us, structures are changing. Long time businesses have closed and new ones are emerging. In our individual lives, most have had to let go of some pieces of themselves. And in turn, reorganize or rebuild in a way that signifies a new life is unfolding although it might not yet be seen with a clear view.

Here at StillPointMFR, the doors are reopening for small group, in-person Myofascial Stretch & Roll classes. YES!

This is a starting point.

What StillPointMFR will fully become in its next iteration of both online and in-person offerings is still arising.

But for now…
In-person Myofascial Stretch & Roll
All Saturday’s in June 9:30-11 am
Masks required during entry and exit

Grab your spot!
Myofascial Stretch & Roll

This is 90 minutes of guided Myofascial goodness. On the mat, with a foam roller and balls, along with stretching and movement. This guided exploration of the fascial system is medicine during times of transition. We will turn down the external noise and tune in to the body to ease the tension, stress, and anxiety of the ever-present transition.

Hope to see you in the Yurt!