This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Conversation

Just last night I cashed in on the Christmas present I had gifted my 18 yo daughter. Tickets to see comedian Jo Koy.

Hilarious! I haven't laughed that hard in far too long! Cry laughing, squeeze-my-cheeks laughing, a bit hungover today from absurd, full-body, hyena laughing. (Hungover with zero booze involved, welcome to 50).

One of the reasons I adore Jo Koy is his ability to use the human condition as a way to break through differences and unite the audience through relatability.

Last night, he effortlessly educated the 50+ somethings in attendance about sciatica (nerve pain felt in your butt, leg, or back), the IT band (a tight line of dense tissue that runs up the outside of the thigh), and foam rolling.

I mean, this shtick couldn't have been more up my alley!

He relives his Doctor's office woes of learning he has sciatica and receiving his prescription of foam rolling.

He then goes on to spread the good word to all of us, with what has miraculously saved him from gimping across the stage each night!

"You gotta roll it out, just roll it out. It's gonna f*king hurt, but you gotta do it. Everyday. Just roll it out, you gotta roll it out. It goes up your back and down your leg, just roll it out."

I was practically on the floor, pretty much hyperventilating.

As Jo continued with relatable ailments of the middle-aged body, the crowd roared with an inextricable truth.

Body pain is no longer your grandmother's conversation... you have arrived!

And as Jo Koy reminded the 30-somethings in the crowd, don't worry, your time is coming.

Now, I definitely filter the native-Philly part of myself that wants to shout from the rooftops, "Just f*king roll it out, everyday, just do it, so you can walk without crying!" Jo Koy style, ya know... just f*fing do it.

But, alas, I do filter in the name of professionalism. 🤓 (most of the time).

And on that note, the Myofascial membership Fascia Lately is currently open for enrollment.

We go deep into understanding and overcoming body pain by way of the fascial system.

Although fascia may be a very un-relatable term, one you may not understand or recognize... but once you connect the physical hurt you are 100% familiar with, to the phrase Myofascial Release or Myofascial pain... it alllllll starts to make sense!

Fascia IS relatable! Jo Koy packed-arena relatable, whole-body sensation relatable, laugh-till-it-hurts relatable. But if you aren't familiar with the language of this connective tissue, it remains disconnected.

So as you read through the information, consider how treating your fascial system could help you- to state this very simply- feel better in your body.

✅ Reduce RELATABLE common aches and pain:

➡️ back pain
➡️ neck tension
➡️ tension headaches
➡️ overworked/burnout fatigue
➡️ stress buildup
➡️ mental anxiety overload
➡️ workout stiffness
➡️ hip immobility
➡️ pelvic pain
➡️ heal new and recurring injuries
➡️ and the list goes on and on

As Jo Koy hilariously validated, we are all hurting right now. The body aches. And it truly doesn't have to be that way.

And inside Fascia Lately you get much more detailed guidance than just roll it out, I promise 🙂